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ISO 45001 in Libya

What is ISO 45001 in Libya & its uses?

ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

ISO 45001 in Libya is an international management system standard that specifies requirements for an ISO 45001 in Libya (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). We’re going to cover the requirements under clause – 10 in the ISO 45001 in Libya for occupational health and safety measures system to clause 10 is about Improvement and the great news is this is the last clause that we will be dealing with in the standard and clause 10 isn’t too bad compared to the other clauses it’s fairly straightforward and it has three specific sections associated with the clause.

The first section is general, and it says has the organization determined opportunities for improvement and implement the necessary actions to achieve the outcomes of its original management systems that are the intended outcomes. 

Clause 10.2 releases the incident nonconformity and corrective action. Following on from our previous clause on auditing has the organization established, implemented, and maintained its process all its processes including the reporting, investigating, and taking action to determine and manage incidents and non-conformities, and does the organization review, existing assessments of OHS risks and other risks as appropriate.

Does the organization determine and implement any actions needed, including corrective actions following the order of controls and the management of change? The hierarchy of controls in clause no – 8 and it’s always worthwhile flicking back to that, if you want to recap, does your organization assess the risks that relate to new or changed hazards, before taking action, very important as a part of the management of change is the organization review the effectiveness of any actions taken including corrective actions and does your organization make changes to the Occupational Health & Safety Management System is necessary corrective actions, appropriate to the effects or potential effects of the incidents or non-conformities, that are encountered.

Does the organization retain documented information as evidence of the nature of the incidents or non-conformities and also any subsequent actions were taken by the organization retain documented information as evidence of the results of any action and corrective action including their effectiveness?

Does the organization communicate this documented information to the relevant workers or representatives or other relevant interested parties and stakeholders? When an incident or a nonconformity occurs, does the organization react promptly to the incident or non-conformity, does it take action to control and correct it, and does it deal with the consequences? This is a long particular section out of the standard, but it relates to evaluating with the participation of workers and other interested parties.

The need for corrective action to eliminate root causes of the incidents or nonconformity so that it doesn’t happen again. Does this by investigating the incident or reviewing the nonconformity determining the cause of the incident nonconformity or determining if similar incidents have occurred in non-conformities exist or if they could potentially occur on clause no 10.3 – Continual improvement. 

Clause no 10.3 – Continual Improvement – Does the organization continually improve the suitability adequacy and effectiveness of the occupational health and safety management system by enhancing the ISO 45001 Certification in Libya OH&SMS performance, promoting a culture that supports and how ISO 45001 in Libya OHS & management system, promoting the participation of workers in implementing actions for continuous improvement and how about communicating the relevant results of continuous improvement to the workers or representatives and maintaining and retaining documented information as evidence of continuous improvement. 

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