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ISO 17025 Certification In Bahrain

ISO 17025 certification in Bahrain is one of the specific standards which establishes the general requirements for the competence to carry out the calibration or testing of labs which includes the sampling as well. By using standard methods, the laboratory-developed methods and non-standard methods testing and calibrations performed. ISO 17025 certification services in Manama are an industry-specific standard, any organization which consists of units which perform the testing and calibration activities can opt for ISO 17025 registration services in Hamad Town. ISO 17025 registration in Bahrain is a kind of a principle standard which is utilized by testing and calibration Laboratories which meets the general requirements of the standard.

5 Steps to Get ISO 17025 Certification in Bahrain

ISO 17025 certification in Bahrain

More about ISO 17025 Certification in Bahrain:

ISO 17025 audit services in Bahrain consists of two segments that are in the management system and the technical necessities. The management system focuses on the prerequisites, which are fundamental to identify the viability and operation of the quality management system within the process and structure of the organization. For technical necessities, there is a different provision which focuses on the staff’s ability, calibration and testing supplies and other process approaches.

To obtain a profitable result every time the Laboratories and Research centres would utilize the quality framework of ISO 17025 standard so the capability can be enhanced. For an accreditation body, ISO 17025 acts as additional support. As the standard is all about the ability, so the accreditations play a significant role to showcase the skills.

The transition of the standard – ISO 17025:

Every ISO standards would be revised at least three years of gap. During the development, processes followed, and they are listed below

  • Overall timeline would decide.
  • The person who is responsible for the implementation process and the transition process would be trained in personal.
  • The new standard requirement has to be learnt like how to interpret, read and implement.
  • The gap analysis has to be conducted between the needs of the revised standard and the existing quality management system.
  • The documentation of the management system has to be updated which includes the policies and procedures that are already existing and apart from this additional requirement such as the removal and modification of policies and procedures has to be updated.
  • The person who is going to implement the standard has to be trained on the planning and the communication part in personal so that the rule can be applied effectively.
  • The new government which has revised has to be implemented.
  • For the successful transition of ISO 17025 standard preparations and time has to be given for the accredited Laboratories.

 ISO 17025 certification in Bahrain – Applicable industry sectors?

As discussed earlier ISO 17025 is an industry-specific standard; it can apply to all the organization which consists and performs the testing and calibration activities. And this ISO 17025 also includes the first, second and third-party Laboratories and where the inspection and product certifications act as a part of testing and calibration of Laboratories. ISO 17025 certification consultants in Bahrain are beneficial, and it can apply for the all types, sectors and sizes which help to improve the performances by implementing the standard.

Implementing the standard is one of the best decision organizations can take because we can practically apply the requirements and find out all the hazard and risk that are going to face through testing and calibration process. After finding the risk and hazards, precautionary measures can be taken to avoid and create further chances. ISO 17025 certification cost in Bahrain is very competitive.

Accreditation for Testing Laboratories – ISO 17025:

  • ISO 17025 services in Bahrain helps to demonstrate the compliance requirement with ISO 17025 standard
  • The service provided by the accreditation bodies is very prompt, which includes the assessments of all the requirements and needs of the Laboratories.
  • ISO 17025 audit in Bahrain acts as one of the internationally recognized standards, and if you are accredited, it provides a seal of trust and assurance for all the industries and regulatory requirements.
  • By getting certified from them, public bodies help the organization to increase the recognition and acceptance of the latest reports International. ISO 17025 cost in Bahrain is compelling.

Structure of the ISO 17025 standard:

General requirements: This section covers the confidentiality and impartiality the most important thing for maintaining the confidence and trust of the end-users for testing and calibration in the Laboratories. To compromise with the quality of results, the laboratory will not allow any financial, commercial or any other pressures. Other issues such as internal, personal or any other conflicts have to be resolved and addressed. The results and the information has to be kept safe as confidentiality plays a vital role in this section. ISO 17025 consultancy services in Bahrain are top-rated.

Structural requirements: The essential organizational components of the laboratory defined under this section where it ranges of commitments and activities so that to have an effective management system. And this requirement states that laboratory which is to be accredited should be a legal entity or ISO 17025 consultancy in Bahrain should be a legal entity part where it takes responsibility for testing and calibration activities. The accredited laboratories at the management responsibilities today are customers, regulatory authorities and recognition. Apart from this, it also said that the requirement for personnel and other resources to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

Resource requirement: The requirements defined in option focuses on facilities, personnel, systems, equipment and any other service supports which are necessary to perform the activities of the laboratory and these are the six clauses which address the requirement of the laboratory. ISO 17025 Certification services in Bahrain would give many ideas regarding this section.

Process requirement: To improve the efficiency in this part of the condition covers 11 core processes. And the section starts with the request, contacts and tender reviews. One of the most technical and essential parts of the standard are verification, validation and selection. The handling of the items that tested, samples and other professional records also covered in this requirement.

The quality monitoring and control functions in the Laboratories are validated, and other tools for monitoring purposes are also listed down along with their requirements for testing purposes are also included. And this part of the section focuses more on the results of the report. And ISO 17025 Certification in Bahrain also deals with nonconforming works and complaints.

Management system requirements: The laboratory would be a part of a larger organization, to an effective management system. This section plays a vital role which is by the ISO 9001 Certification in Bahrain . This section covers all the requirements of the quality management system along with the laboratory activities to demonstrate and fulfill the ISO 17025 certification process in Bahrain. ISO 17025 Certification in in Bahrain also covers the eight events such as objectives, policies, control records, opportunities and risk addressing, corrective action and improvements which have to document. ISO 17025 certification in Bahrain help to achieve all these requirements.

All these processes have to be carried out in the organization, and the ending part is to be an internal audit and management review wherein the internal audit all the process heads should be trained on the auditing process within the cross departments and finally, the decision will be taken by the management to take corrective, preventive actions and other activities which have to be followed by the organization to make ISO 17025 audit services in Bahrain more effective. So to make this standard full implemented in organization proper expert on the standard have to choose so that the permanent solution given by them to overcome all the service and accidents. So it would be one of the best factors a decision organization can take to have an active and safer system to your Laboratories.

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ISO 17025 Certification in Bahrain

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