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ISO 22000 Certification In Saudi Arabia

ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia

ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia is a standard that specifies the requirement of food safety management system and ISO 22000 certification process in Al-Khobar is one of the disciplines related to science which describes the preparation, storage of food and handling of food to prevent from all the food bore disease ISO 22000 certification services in Jeddah is an industry-specific standard which can be applied only to the food manufacturing industries and the food chain. ISO 22000 registration services in Jeddah helps to identify the primitive living organisms such as mold, viruses, fungus, and bacteria can cause disease. To overcome all these kind of conditions and reduce hazards in the food they had developed the standard ISO 22000 registration in Dammam helps to prevent the food safety of the organization.

What are the Steps to get ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia?

ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia

Five fundamental principles to keep the food safety and hygiene:

  • The food has to be prevented from contaminants such as pathogens which might spread to pets, people, and pests.
  • The cooked meals and the raw food have to be separated to prevent contamination from the cooked meals.
  • Foods has to  prepare in an appropriate time at a particular temperature the pathogens can be killed
  • The food has to be stored at a proper temperature
  • Use safe raw materials and safe water so that the disease-causing factor can reduce. ISO 22000 certification consultant in Saudi Arabia helps to overcome the issues

Basic requirements of ISO 22000 standard

The ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia requires for your organization to design and document the food safety management system and this document should consist of a specific requirement which has to address the food safety management systems issues

  • Top management has to take the initiative and responsibility to develop the food safety policy for the organization consisting of All the departments in the food industry
  • To comply with the policies, the objectives have to be set up so that it drives the company’s efforts
  • The management system has to plan, design, and documented.
  • To check the performance of the system that records have to be maintained
  • The individuals have to be qualified to take up the food safety management team so that they can focus on the implementation processes
  • To ensure effective communication with him contacts outside industries such as customers and suppliers regulator and others, we can have an effective communication system, and we can define the communication procedures.
  • Emergency plan has to be prepared.
  • To check the performance of the food safety management system, the management review meeting has to be done.
  • To carry out the effective operation of the food safety management system, adequate resources have to be provided with qualified experts, sufficient infrastructure, and work environment to make sure that the food is safe.
  • HACCP principles have to  follow while implementing a food safety management system
  • To identify the products, the traceability system has to be established.
  • To control the nonconforming a product, the corrective actions and preventive action has to be found ISO 22000 consulting services in Saudi Arabia are beneficial.
  • To handle the withdrawal of products the documented procedure has to be maintained
  • The measuring and monitoring devices have to be controlled
  • Program has to be established and maintained
  • By updating the performance continually, the measurement system can be improved.

These are requirements that have to be followed by the food safety management system during the implementation process so that the organization can be productive. ISO 22000 certification cost in Saudi Arabia is beneficial in this way.

Food contaminations and its impact – ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia

Food contamination occurs when the food is spiked with the other elements, and it can happen during the process of transportation, packaging, production, storage, cooking, and sales process and this contaminations can be of three types:

  • Physical disease
  • Chemical contamination
  • Biological contamination

Physical decay:

Physical contaminants are the foreign body’s objects such as metal pieces, hair, plant stalks, and other dust particles. When these international bodies come in contact with the food then it is considered as physical contaminants. This makes the contamination stronger, so proper procedures and processes have to be carried out to avoid all this contamination so that food is safer to eat. Bodies such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, in this case, they considered as physical and biological contamination. ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia is very competitive. And one of the familiar sources to create physical contamination is pests, jewelry, fingernails, hair, glass, and metals. ISO 22000 consultancy in Saudi Arabia is beneficial.

Chemical contamination:

This kind of disease would occur when the foods contaminated with artificial or natural chemical substances, and this chemical substance consists of pesticides herbicides and veterinary drugs. And other disease related to environmental resources such as air, water and soil pollution.

ISO 22000 consultancy services in Saudi Arabia are beneficial, and this chemical contamination might occur during the migration from food packaging materials processing of foods natural toxins or any additives and adulterants.

These contaminations consist of the following characteristics, and they are:

  • The diseases  not added intentionally they might happen accidents
  • In one or more stages in the food production, the contamination might occur
  • If the consumers or the end-user in just more of them, they might find a less or the disease
Biological contamination: 

Biological contamination refers to a substance which is produced by the living organism such as pests, microorganisms, bacteria, rodents, and humans. Apart from this, it also includes viral contamination, bacterial contamination, and parasites contamination, which might transfer through blood fecal matter, saliva, pest droppings, or through saliva.

ISO 22000 certification consultants in Saudi Arabia are very interactive, and Most of the food poisons in the world are because of bacterial contamination. If the environment is high in protein or starch, oxygen, water and which has a neutral PH value and maintained at the temperature around 60 degrees to 5 degree Celsius, about the period of 0 to 20 minutes the bacteria are likely to survive. ISO 22000 consultant services in Saudi Arabia are beneficial.

How food should be handled starting from facility till consumers

First, we have to look for the proper storage, tools and workspaces, cooling and heating property at the specified temperature, by avoiding contact with the foods which are uncooked to reduce the contamination chances. The package should be tightly sealed so that water and air proof container would be safe and are useful to measure, and it can limit the chances of both biological and physical contamination during the storage process. By using hygiene and clean tools and services, liquids and other elements help to reduce the formation of disease. Even after following and taking so many precautions, the food might be contaminated during storage time due to substances such as bacteria, viruses.

When the food stored in a cold environment, it has to be consumed within one to seven days depending upon the validity if not the menu might poison when it drank. ISO 22000 consultants in Saudi Arabia is helpful. So, many procedures are followed to keep the food safe so that when it is consumed none of them harmed due to the actions of contamination like physical, biological and chemical hazard that might occur during the food processing, production, storage and also during transportation.

ISO 22000 audit in Saudi Arabia is difficult to face. It is better to follow all the rules and regulations of the standard ISO 22000 audit services in Saudi Arabia which would help the organization to follow all the procedures that when the food consumed whether it is safe without causing any illness or diseases. ISO 22000 certification bodies in Saudi Arabia help you to get the certification more accessible. Along With ISO 22000 in Saudi Arabia standard, the ISO is developing the other additional rules related to food safety management system which would be considered as a family of ISO 22000 in Jeddah standard.

Note on ISO ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia:

  • ISO 22000 – any organization which is related to the food chain can opt for this standard which speaks about food safety management system
  • ISO 22001 it is the guidelines reference with ISO 9001-2000, which is the standard main for the food and drink industry.
  • ISO 22002 – it is a prerequisite program on food safety, which speaks about catering, food manufacturing farming, animal food, and feed production, food packaging, and manufacturing.
  • ISO TS 22003 – food management system for the certification bodies which provides certification and ordered for the food safety management system
  • ISO TS 22004 it is guidance in reference with  ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia which is about food safety management system
  • ISO 22005 – it is general principles and requirements which are necessary for the design and implementation – it is traceability in the food and feed chain
  • ISO 22006 – it is a guidelines reference with ISO 9002: 2000 for the crop production – quality Management System.
  • ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia refers to food safety management system which can be used as a foundation for food safety system certification.

These are the family of food safety management system. ISO ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia helps the organization related to Food Chain and Food industry so that it can be more productive and stronger. And to know how to get ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia to visit our website ISO 22000 audit services in Saudi Arabia requires assistance from a food safety consultant.

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