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HALAL Certification In Nigeria

HALAL Certification In Nigeria

HALAL Certification in Nigeria is a mandatory requirement for business organizations. HALAL refers to ‘lawful’ or ‘allowed’ in the Islamic religion, and it is one of the standards which is recognized internationally.HALAL in Benin City is one of the product certifications which follow the Islamic laws, and based on this, the rule has been developed.

HALAL certification services in Lagos are essential. And for Muslims, it is one of the most important things, as they follow all the laws related to their religion, so consuming those products is essential for them to survive.HALAL registration services in Port Harcourt will help in certification. According to the Islamic faith, it is their responsibility to follow all the rules and values as per the holy book Quran.HALAL registration in Kano is well aware by the consultants. HALAL audit services in Ibadan will check for critical aspects.

What Are The Steps To Get Halal Certification In Nigeria?

HALAL Certification in Nigeria

About HALAL certification in Nigeria:

We know many countries which follow the different culture and have a mixture of a religion where Islamic not practiced as their state religion, but there is several Muslim living in the country for examples Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, China, Canada, and United States.

HALAL certification consultant in Nigeria will implement the best practices. And thus the population of Muslims provides a considerable segment of the market in this modern food marketing. And few food Industries have ignored the Muslims consumer segment, but recently the Global HALAL product industry is improving ay high-speed stage. Especially in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

They have taken responsibility for developing these HALAL standards, a system of traceability and few HALAL science centers, now recently the European countries also have come forward to invest in HALAL products. HALAL consultant in Nigeria will make the process easy.

There are many issues in the food safety and security which have spread fear in the world such as risk of disease and there is an evidence that even on Muslims also consume the HALAL food in order to have a food security and safety because if they follow the HALAL rules and regulations the product would be very hygiene, and the quality assurance would be given on the features.

Factocert is the point of contact if one is looking at How to get HALAL certification in Lagos. And believe that to provide HALAL foods require strict ingredients and therefore, due to this, the contamination probability would be less.So due to this reason, the demand for HALAL products and services has become and substantial. HALAL is not only about the slaughtering animals according to Islamic law it is all about the food lifestyle and even the services. In other words, we can say HALAL means’ legal’ or ‘permitted’ it means there is no existence for the restriction of doing what God Almighty Allah has supposed. HALAL certification cost in Lagos is worth the investment.

More Facts About HALAL:

HALAL cost in Nigeria is affordable. To be competitive and potential in this market, the multinational companies have come forward to encourage regarding the HALAL.

Even the non-Muslims have engaged invest heavily on this part because to capture the market and gain profit to the organization. And therefore by considering all these, we can say there is much demand for the HALAL services and the products, especially the products related to food.

The main agenda of HALAL services in Nigeria is to have a deep thought about the concept of HALAL and their components.Originally the word HALAL comes from the Arabic language which means acceptable permitted, permissible or allowable. HALAL audit in Nigeria will check into the practices. It is not only about food and food products as most of them think, but it covers all the aspects of the person’s life, which is related to the Muslim religion.

Due to this reason, the concept of HALAL was built to meet the requirements of the Muslim people so that the product which they consume or have are acceptable, permitted, allowable and permissible in the religious point of you.In the holy book Quran, it has mentioned that what are the food to be consumed and what is the food not to be consumed, for example, the human should not consume the dead animals because the decaying process might lead the formation of chemicals which may lead to harmful diseases to humans.HALAL audit services in Nigeria will be strictly conducted.

The blood which is drained the animals would contain harmful bacteria as toxins or hormones directly affect the metabolism of the humans and reduce the development in their bodies.

Haram Products According To The Islamic:

  • Animals which are inappropriately slaughtered
  • Animals which are killed in any other name other than Allah
  • Domesticated elephants, mules, and donkeys
  • Pork or swine or any products related to it.
  • Intoxicants and alcohol products
  • The poisonous plants
  • Carnivorous animals which have sharp teeth such as lions, wolves, dogs, and tigers
  • Birds such as eagles, falcons, and owls
  • Snakes
  • Destructive insects like scorpions and rats.
  • And the other foods which contaminated with the above products

The food production of the modern days, HALAL products and meals can be categorized into poultry and meat; dairy products; seafood and fish; confectionery and cereals; and other nutritional food supplements; gelatin and enzyme ingredients.HALAL certification in Nigeria is made simple by consultants from Factocert.Out of all these poultry and meat are most susceptible to contamination with the non HALAL products.

Due to this reason, the HALAL can become haram or non HALAL therefore the focus should be given more on this category so that integrity of HALAL will not vanish and HALAL remains same until it reaches a customer. HALAL certification in Nigeria are authorized to issue the certificate.

HALAL Aspects Of Meat:

Meat is one of the vital things to be considered strictly in Islam religion people are more involved in seeking an authentication for HALAL Meat throughout the Muslim countries such as European countries and Gulf countries. The net importers of meat are from the Muslim countries because they follow the law, based on that the slaughtering process should be done and they would make sure that during the slaughtering process the animals should be alive.

These animals should be slaughtered with Sharia principles as it says that before killing a special prayer has to be done and action has to be performed by using a sharp knife quick and clean Cuts of the major blood vessels and humane treatment of the animals should be done during or after the slaughter process and full bleeding of blood after slaughtering. HALAL consultant services in Nigeria will define and implement all the requirements. And any animals which are sick, dead or injured before the slaughtering process cannot be accepted as HALAL and they should not slaughter as it would not be considered as a HALAL.

Islamic religion follows sharia principle during the slaughtering process because they feel that it is safe for the consumption, and it is all about preventing the food from the contamination and Chemicals until it reaches the consumers and this implies that there is a more dedication for maintaining the HALAL practice of the products. HALAL consulting services in Nigeria is strongly recommended. Due to this reason, all Muslim and non-Muslim choose Halal Certification in Nigeria as it is spotless, hygiene and follows specific rules in accordance to the Quran book of Muslim religion which always seeks for the safeness of their people. visit our website www.factocert.com or send your requirements or queries at contact@factocert.com 

Why choose Factocert for Halal Certification in Nigeria?

Factocert is a well-known consulting company that assists organizations in implementing the best practices at the highest level. These best practices are implemented throughout the organization with the assistance of a subject matter expert. It not only provides consulting or implementation of international standards, but it also involves offering third-party audit solutions and awarding global standard certification . For more information, visit Halal Certification in Nigeria

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Halal audit services in Nigeria are essential because if you’re facing the Halal audit in Nigeria you have to be very careful about every parameter in your organization but when you join hands with Factocert. We as an Halal Consultancy Service provider in Nigeria, are tagged up with so many different Halal certification bodies in Nigeria.

Benefits of HALAL Certification in Nigeria

When we say HALAL, we can come to the conclusion that the food processed according to Islamic laws, and it is clean and hygiene. So it provides a competitive advantage for all the food producers throughout the world.

It gives good branding for the organization that all the Muslim people and non-Muslim are free to eat products without any hesitation due to which the organizations or a company’s profit can increase.

HALAL is one of the product certifications it is not a process certification so based on the products HALAL certification would be issued, and it applies to the organizations related to food, cosmetics, nutrient products, and herbal products.

HALAL consultancy services in Nigeria are the right choice. And we know India is a country of different religions and culture so we can find number of Muslims so it is their duty to consume HALAL products so in this case, HALAL plays a vital role and the organization which is following the HALAL loss can get our enormous profits and gain a trust by the Muslim and non-Muslim people.

HALAL in Nigeria is prominent in the market.

HALAL consultancy in Nigeria is the best choice. And the consumers will have the benefits which are reliable and the end-users or a consumers would not bother about checking whether all the ingredients and the food products which used in the food they consume is HALAL or not it gives a confidence to the consumers that they have taken a firm choice and provides an assurance with to eat.

HALAL certification in Nigeria is a kind of permit to the market.

Plays a vital role even in the non-Muslim countries, for example, India is not that only the Middle East countries on the majority Muslim people who are staying in the country should opt for HALAL certification.

The organizations which are HALAL certified can export and import their products due to which they can expand their marketability of the products primarily in the countries where the Muslims are in the majority.

If HALAL certifies your organization, it means you followed all the rules and regulation which defined according to the law of Islamic religion. And it gives confidence to you, and it helps to attract many Muslims and non-Muslim consumers.

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HALAL Certification Consultants in Nigeria

What else are you waiting for the only step you have to take care about is getting in touch with us, and we would take the best care, and in no time you would be certified for relevant Halal certification in Nigeria you prefer. Most thing companies worry about is ISO service cost in Nigeria but let us just tell you that Halal cost in Nigeria is not what you should be thinking of because when this certification can give a boost to your organizations process. 

We will make sure that the cost of ISO in Nigeria is as minimal as possible. To get you Halal Certification Services in Nigeria than we assure you 100% guarantee results and we ensure that you will definitely be certified because have 100% success rates till date in getting our customers certified. So get in touch with us as early as possible and get your Halal certificate in Nigeria at the earliest.

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