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HALAL Certification In Qatar

HALAL Certification In Qatar

HALAL certification in Qatar is the most sought after practice in the industry. We all know HALAL word refers to ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’ according to the almighty god Allah in the Islamic religion. Here was introduced to create awareness among the Muslim consumers throughout the world so that the demand for the authenticated HALAL food products grows.

HALAL certification in Qatar are mandatory. Other than meat, there were other issues which were concerned, but food issues breached attention. Food ingredients like oils, flavors, and enzymes in cheese, derivatives, and other new technologies that are used in the processing of food have a complication further. HALAL registration services in Qatar.

Pork and alcohol derivatives can be used in all kind of product, so those need to be identified and avoided. And it would be essential for the consumers and producers for establishing and adapting the process and procedure related to HALAL for the consumable and non-consumable goods.

What are the steps to get HALAL Certification in Qatar?

HALAL Certification in Qatar

HALAL registration in Qatar is a must. This HALAL standard was developed to follow the rules defined by the holy book Quran so that Muslim people would support their wellbeing. HALAL audit services in Al Rayyan will check for hygiene. HALAL products cannot only be used by a Muslim people it can also be used by non-Muslim people as well because of HALAL means Lawful and permissible which means the food products are suitable to consume without any harm.

More about HALAL Certification in Qatar

Regarding the prohibition and permissibility of the consumption of the species, the local communities have to follow their scholar’s hugs because they would be well known about their religion.

There are many living things in this world among these few species are land-based such as lambs Goats, buffalo, deer, lambs, and camels; these are consumable by the Muslim religion. And individual birds like turkeys, chicken, pigeons, ostriches are kind of acceptable birds for the consumption.

HALAL certification consultant in Doha is helpful. So these birds and animals should be alive and healthy during the slaughtering process and in case if these living creatures are unhealthy or dead before slaughtering not considered as a HALAL.

There are few animals which are not accepted by the Muslim community and such as pork which are considered Haram and are not fit to be consumed by them. Also unacceptable animals and birds such as lions, dogs, cats, dogs, jackals, monkeys, Eagles, vultures, owls and so on. HALAL consultant in Qatar is the point of contact.

And few animals which are considered to be dangerous also kinds of Haram to the community such as donkeys rats mice poisonous snakes spiders lice and the eggs and types of milk related to these species are also Forbidden for the consumption.


Generally, all the seafood and fishes are considered HALAL without the process of slaughtering, and few species excluded that are poisonous toxic and hazardous to human health. How to get HALAL certification in Qatar is not a question if Factocert is the choice.

Major facts and information about HALAL certification in Qatar:

  1. Slaughterers: The one who slaughters the animal should be a Muslim person who is aware of the rules and regulation of the slaughtering process as per the Islamic law. In case of a slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, an adequate number of slaughterers have to be employed. HALAL certification cost in Qatar is affordable.
  1. Slaughtering tools: The instrument which is used by slaughterers should be sharp, and it should be a one edge instrument which cuts by its edge not by its weight. Such as swords, knives and other fixed blades. And the tools which not should be used are tooth nails and unsharpened objects and claws. HALAL cost in Qatar is reasonable.
  1. Slaughtering method: There are three types of slaughtering processes
  • Hand slaughter
  • Mechanical slaughter
  • Stunning.

Mechanical slaughter – Many Muslim countries have accepted the automatic slaughtering process But WHC, enhances the hand slaughtering method. HALAL audit in Qatar will be stringent. When the mechanical slaughtering is used in the process be controlled by the Muslim members with an adequate number and the conditions has to be met by them

  • The instrument which is used by them should have a sharp blade which gives a sharp cut when it is used for the bird’s neck. HALAL audit services in Qatar are available. And cutting at the backside of the bird is forbidden.
  • While slaughtering the birds or animals should be very useful, such that required vessels and the major blood vessels in the neck are cut.
  • During the slaughtering process mechanically, if it missed, then it has to be slaughtered by hand.
  • During the slaughtering process, the bird should show signs such as a sudden reaction.

Stunning – Any attractive method has to be done so that when the birds are animals are about to die during the slaughtering processes they may take a time so this kind of action has to be done by using techniques which are approved by the Islamic authorities and health.

4. Slaughtering process:

  • During the time of slaughtering the Takbir and Tamiya to be pronounced over the birds or animals by the trained Muslims slaughterers. HALAL certification in Qatar is simple.
  • The animals and birds have to be treated so that it could reduce the pain and suffering during the slaughtering processes, and this is one of the vital things to be considered while slaughtering.
  • Under process of slaughtering should be in such a way that when the knife is inserted it should cut through the skin, trachea, esophagus and two other major blood vessels gently to make sure that there is quick and pre bleeding of the animal and the spinal cord of the bird or animal should not be served while slaughtering.
  • The birds are animals after slaughtering process the adequate time should be given for bleeding so that it dies peacefully before burning and at the time of removing all the organs from the body.
  • HALAL certification bodies in Qatar are the authorized body to issue the certificate.
  • The slaughterhouse should be in such a way that it has to perform all the HALAL slaughter methods without having any additional requirements such as controls labeling of carcasses supervising and reducing the risks of contamination on mixing of meats.
  • The slaughtering process has to be carried out on the acceptable animals or birds, and slaughtering should not be conducted on the unacceptable species, or it may be considered as forbidden.
  • HALAL consultant services in Qatar will be the right choice. HALAL certification consultants in Qatar will connect with the right authorized body.
  • The person who slaughters the animal should always keep a record of dates and times of the slaughtering processes and how many slaughtering has been done on animals and birds.
  1. Packaging and Labeling: After the slaughtering processes there is a whole lot of procedure that has to be followed according to the rules of HALAL certification in Qatar requirement, and the dead body of animals or birds has to be correctly tracked and marked throughout the process of removing of organs from the body and during the packaging and processing time they have to be sure that there is no mixture of HALAL products within non HALAL products.

HALAL consulting services in Qatar is highly suggested. After the packaging process, the container should be labeled with the proper information or with the HALAL logo after getting certified by the reputed HALAL organization.

During the shipments of HALAL Meat, it should be accompanied by the certificate of HALAL which is issued by the reputed certifying organizations. And expert who is into the HALAL requirements would advise on how to use the logos stamps and seals of HALAL on the container.

  1. Transportation and storage: The products after the slaughtering processes have to be stored in a cool or a freezing place, and this has to be inspected by the supervisor and based on the approval the storage has to be done for the HALAL meats. And there are separate facilities for HALAL RAW, exposed meats and other meat products. The receptacles, containers, shelves, and racks which used for HALAL products and meat products should always be free from the contamination and to be kept away from the non HALAL products. HALAL consultancy in Qatar is strongly recommended. The packaged HALAL products and meats would hold in separate and labeled areas in the coolers.
  2. Hand slaughter – In this case, animals or birds slaughtered by using an instrument which is held directly by the hands of slaughterers. HALAL certification in Qatar are the source for certification. The one notices the animals or birds should be a Muslim, and you should beam having knowledge about the Welfare of animals that there is no pain or suffering to an animal during this process. Any person must be robust enough and confident enough to take up the responsibilities which are associated with the slaughtering process.

And coming to the transportation part which is used for the transportation of this product should be very hygiene and clean and it should be refrigerated we can see that these vehicles would prevent the contamination from the non HALAL products and avoid the spoilage.

During the transportation it is not necessary to separate the non HALAL products from the HALAL because already filled and part and if the products are not sealed and Park there is a chance of leakage in case of a fresh meats, and therefore there is a requirement of separation of products from HALAL products from non HALAL products. HALAL consultancy services in Qatar will explain the process.

These methods have followed if the organization is getting certified by the HALAL standard, and they have to follow the rules very strictly. Halal certification in Qatar is of prime importance. And if these procedures not followed, it would reduce the trust of your consumers, and you could face challenges so should be answerable to your consumers so all these procedures you can have a good reputation from your clients or the end-users.

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Halal services in Qatar are essential because if you’re facing the Halal audit in Qatar you have to be very careful about every parameter in your organization but when you join hands with Factocert. We as an Halal Consultancy Service provider in Qatar, are tagged up with so many different Halal certification bodies in Qatar.

Benefits of HALAL Certification in Qatar

If not for the Islamic law, HALAL is very much synonymous to the word hygiene.

HALAL certification ensures hygiene thus not only the Islamic population but also attracts all other customers

HALAL certified organizations report increased revenue and brand reputation

Assuring the customer that your product follows HALAL and ensure the product is conveniently placed in the Islamic region. This covers the most out of the market.

HALAL certification acts as a passport for placing the product in the Islamic countries across the globe

Helps to meet the food quality to the global standards

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What else are you waiting for the only step you have to take care about is getting in touch with us, and we would take the best care, and in no time you would be certified for relevant Halal certification in Qatar you prefer. Most thing companies worry about is halal service cost in Qatar but let us just tell you that halal cost in Qatar is not what you should be thinking of because when this certification can give a boost to your organizations process.

We will make sure that the cost of halal in Qatar is as minimal as possible. To get you halal Certification Services in Qatar than we assure you 100% guarantee results and we ensure that you will definitely be certified because have 100% success rates till date in getting our customers certified. So get in touch with us as early as possible and get your halal certification in Qatar at the earliest.

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