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ISO 45001 certification

ISO 45001 certification standard establishes occupational health and safety management system in an organisation. By defining a structure and certain framework within the organisation the mental and the physical health of employees is taken care by the organisation through ISO 45001 standard implementation. ISO 45001 standard is considered one of the best practices to have and established in the companies to maintain the occupational health and safety management system.

What are the steps to get ISO 45001 Certification?

ISO 45001 certification

What are the benefits of implementation of ISO 45001 standard?

  • ISO 45001 standard specifies the importance of occupational health and safety management system and its components within the organisation. Implementation of ISO 45001 standard certain enables the organisation to provide a healthy and safety working environment for the workers and other staffs.
  • ISO 45001 standard is one of the well-known international standards which is published and designed by international organisation for standardization thus it is very easy for other companies to get the recognition which is considered internationally.
  • Regardless of size and the type of organisation and its existence the implementation of occupational health and safety management system can be done generic or relevant based upon the service that the organisation is providing.
  • ISO 45001 standard enables requirement based upon the geographical and other cultural related conditions. Taking care of mental health of employees is one of the important things that must be concentrated in any organisation. By implementing occupational health and safety management system in the organisation many essential factors are taken into consideration.
  • In every level of management system each and every individual who are working for the organisation will have a boost up confidence on the organisation and they will provide topmost performance. This will certainly increase the revenue for the organisation and the organisation gets wide variety of promotions outside the office.
  • Occupational health and safety management system is capable of establishing a range of organisation standards and regulations which will rectify many situations that are faced by employees on daily basis.
  • ISO 45001 standard demonstrate the conformity to fulfil the requirements that must be taken care by any organisation across the world according to the international standards. By implementation of occupational health and safety management system both the parties such as the organisation and the employees will be happier and satisfied. This will call upon and healthy environment across the departments which will enable them to participate in events and other social gatherings which are related to the company.

What is ISO 45001 certification in general?

International standards that are published by international organisation for standardization consists of a generic structure which is called as high-level structure. In the year 2013 ISO decided to have a common structure consisting of 10 different classes. Implementation of each and every classes in the department as per the requirement is easier upon the employee is in the organisation and also the consultant. ISO 45001 standard consist of clauses such as context of the organisation, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, improvisation.

Context of the organisation: in this particular phase the requirements of the organisation is determined both considering the inside and outside factors which are necessary to fulfil the scope of occupational health and safety management system.

Leadership: this clause will assist the organisation in demonstrating the leadership and other related commitment which comes along with the establishment of occupational health and safety management system. Policies such as health and safety with respect occupational hazards are established with the help of top management system. Also, roles and responsibility of other processes are defined in this phase.

Planning: In the planning phase the requirement for establishing the risk and opportunities that exist within and outside the organisation is identified and addressed. Structure of plans is laid out with the help of top management system in order to address all these types of requirements.

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