The smart trick of ISO Certification in South Africa
ISO Certification in South Africa

The smart trick of ISO Certification in South Africa

ISO Certification in South Africa, General Assembly – The General Assembly is the highest incidence at ISO Certification in South Africa you can compare it with the shareholders of a company. It’s composed of the principal officers of ISO and all the country members. So the ISO, General Assembly meets once a year regularly in September and it needs to take key decisions key high-level decisions such as approving the annual report, the strategy, and the finances.

ISO Certification in South Africa members being part of the General Assembly. It is further divided into three categories of membership that we have at  ISO Certification in South Africa so we have 119 full member bodies 39 corresponding members and 3 subscriber members but what you can remember here is that the full member body has voting rights while corresponding and subscriber members are observers so I think at this point. That the key information that you have to retain from the above.

Moving forward to the council – As mentioned that the ISO Certification in South Africa General Assembly could be compared to the shareholders of a company, the ISO certification council can somewhat be compared to the board of directors of a company. So it’s composed of representatives from 20 ISO members, some are permanent and some are elected and rotated and as well as ISO officers and chair from our policy development committees. Their role is to appoint the Technical Management Board they also appoint the Secretary-General, and they also develop a proposal for the ISO strategy which is approved by the General Assembly.

The President’s Committee is composed of the ISO principal officers. We have the ISO President, the Vice President policy, the Vice President, technical management, the Vice President finance, the ISO treasurer, and the ISO Secretary-General. So, this group essentially makes recommendations for the council’s and they also guide the Secretary-General of ISO for ISO certification In South Africa

Information about CASCO, COPOLCO, and DEVCO, etc…

The ISO Council is also supported by several standing committees and they are specialized, there are created and they are specialized in specific domains like it finance and so forth. There are also three policy development committees CASCO, COPOLCO, and DEVCO. CASCO looks after conformity assessment COPOLCO deals with consumer matters and DEVCO with developing countries, all three report to the ISO Council.

The TMB which is a word that you’ll hear often stands for the technical management board. It’s composed of 15 members from idle members, and the TMPB members are elected for three years terms. So the GA – the general assembly was the highest instance at idle. The technical management board is the highest instance for the technical work at ISO Certification in South Africa and they oversee the overall management of the technical work that is the work of the technical committees. Some other tasks include. You know the establishment and the dissolution of technical committees.

The approvals of titles and scope for these technical committees, appoint the chairman of the technical committees. They are there also to resolve conflicts and appeals and they also review ISO Certification in South Africa performance regarding standards development. So all ISO technical committees report to the technical management board. The technical committees are actually in charge of developing standards and finally, last but not least we have the ISO Central Secretariat or ISO CS. So this is where ISO coordinates the day-to-day activities of the standard development process, and also this is where ultimately international standards get published.

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