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ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 certification standard is one of the internationally recognised standards across the world which will help the organisation to establish food safety management system. ISO 22000 standard also takes care of basic quality of food safety and it will ensure your hazardous substances in the food are completely eliminated. Hazard analysis control critical point and principles that are used in it is equally combined in order to establish ISO 22000 standard in an organisation. the structure distribution of implementation of ISO 22000 standard will help the organisation in recognising the food safety is the topmost priority and will help demonstrate the ability of establishing the control over food safety. The major objective of ISO 22000 standard is to establish the food safety and to ensure completely elimination of hazard substances presence.

What are the steps to get ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 certification

Any organisation which is involved in the food chain, must understand the importance of food safety. Principles of hazard analysis and control critical point which is generally called as HACCP principles are implemented along with the prerequisite program during the implementation of food safety management system.

Objectives of ISO 22000 certification:

Achieving the requirements of ISO 22000, the international standard would help you to meet objectives and let us see what they are:

  • It helps you to provide products which are very safe and enhance the customer makes sure that the products or the services which had come from that industries do not cause any ill health or adverse effects.
  • It makes sure that the organization complies with the food safety policy to demonstrate the compliance with all the interested parties and customers.
  • To develop a food safety management system that includes:
  1. Implementation and planning of food safety management system for organization
  2. Maintain and operate the organizations of food safety management system
  3. Improve and update the organization for food safety management system
  • To establish or demonstrate a compliance requirement with in safety requirements externally
  1. To make sure that the organization is compliant with all legal safety requirements
  2. To demonstrate a compliance with regulatory requirements
  3. To illustrate a compliance with statutory requirements
  • communicating the issues related to food safety throughout the food supply chain
  1. Communicate with customers of your organization
  2. Communicate with suppliers of your organization
  3. Communicate with interested parties who are relevant to your process

What are the benefits of implementation of ISO 22000 standard in an organisation?

  • Food safety management system will improve the communication between the departments and within the department.
  • Any diseases that will be caused by the elements present in the food is completely eliminated.
  • More efficiency in the performance of each individual who are working in the department can be found and food safety hazard controls are established very well.
  • A systematic management system along with the prerequisite programs established in order to maintain the food quality and safety.
  • ISO 22000 standard is one of the well-known International standards across the world which will fulfil the complete requirements of food safety in any organisation. Food safety management system ensures the systematic management of prerequisite programs within the organisation.
  • ISO 22000 standard assist the organisation in preserving many resources and it will eliminate the chances of duplication. Financial stability of the organisation can be easily gained by gaining the trust of the customer after injuring the food.
  • Any mistakes that happens in the food industry may cause a tremendous dangerous for the existence of the organisation by going with the implementation of international standards such as ISO 22000, the organisation completes most of the government rules.
  • Coordination among the teams can be formed very effectively and reputation of the organisation increases. By going with the implementation of food safety management system the organisation can provide reliability, safety and quality.
  • One of the efficient tool for having an continual improvement in the culture, because it provides a systematic approach in exploiting and identifying the opportunities the quality factors that would reduce cost
  • It helps to have better relationships with your suppliers and other interested parties. It helps in engagement of people by having and better internal communication that would ensure the tasks.

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