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ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia

What are the requirements for ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia?


ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia: As a Food Safety Management System (FSMS), it can be used to improve overall food safety performance, as well as provide the capability of consistently delivering quality food, products, and services that are tailored to meet the needs of customers and applicable regulatory requirements, demonstrate compliance with specified FSMS requirements, and address risks associated with food safety. An organization called ISO 22000 Certification implements this Food Safety Management System Standard.

The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking are incorporated into this Food Safety Management System Standards (FSMS). Organizations can use a process approach to plan their procedures and how they relate to each other.

Using the PDCA cycle, a company can maintain adequate resource allocation and management for its processes. Identifying and pursuing improvements is another aspect of the process. Organizations can put in place controls to prevent or minimize adverse effects on their FSMS by utilizing risk-based thinking to identify and identify factors that could cause deviations from planned results.

An organization decides to implement ISO 22000 – There are no limitations to adopting the FSMS. A company involved in the Food Supply Chain Business – i.e. food processing/ Manufacturing/ Storage/ Distribution, etc. Can implement ISO 22000 to become ISO 22000 Certified. This can help the organization handle and improve performance at every stage and department. It can also enhance customer satisfaction and ensure end-users have a safe, healthy, hygienic food supply.

Requirements for ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia:

Achieving the most effective results from food handling framework certification requires adhering to the ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia requirements outlined by Factocert:

  • Your organization should have a general Food Safety Policy drafted by top management.
  • Your organization must establish goals that drive its efforts to comply with this strategy.
  • Planning and organizing an administration framework.
  • Documenting the exhibition process.
  • Assembling a Food Safety Team by bringing together qualified people.
  • Evaluating correspondence systems to ensure effective communication with relevant outsiders (administrative, clients, vendors, etc.).
  • Prepare for crises.
  • Gathering of the board directors to assess the FSMS presentation.
  • The FSMS must include adequately prepared and qualified staff, a proper framework, and an appropriate workplace to ensure food safety.
  • Follow HACCP guidelines.
  • Implement a detectability framework for identifying item proof.
  • The implementation of a remedial activity framework and a non-adjustable monitoring system.
  • The procedure for handling item withdrawals should be documented.
  • Managing the estimation and testing of equipment.
  • A program for internal review should be established and maintained.
  • Our FSMS is constantly being updated and improved.

Protecting food from farm to fork is the responsibility of every actor in the food production chain. Put another way, everyone should speak the same language and adhere to the same principles. It has long been recognized that ISO 22000 Certification is the global standard for the food industry in Saudi Arabia. A new direction was recently distributed to assist clients in achieving this standard.

According to Saudi Arabia’s ISO 22000 certification, the new ISO 22000 handbook – Food Wellbeing the Board Frameworks – A Pragmatic Advisor – has been released by ISO and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The document contains data that can assist associations in implementing a sanitation board management system (FSMS).

Any organization involved in food production can benefit from a framework like this, as it can help minimize contamination and damage to consumers. It can take considerable time and effort to set it up, and it can be a challenging task. The purpose of this handbook is to direct the food area through the various stages of implementing an FSMS as dictated by ISO 22000. Because of this, ISO 22000 is not only a practical guide to food security, but it also provides information about certification processes, so it will be useful for organizations in Saudi Arabia seeking information about ISO 22000 certification or interested in learning more about it.

Why do we need ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia?

  • Make your products ISO 22000 certified, increase sales, and gain customer confidence
  • Enter the global food market in compliance with international food safety standards
  • A food safety framework provided by ISO 22000 will help you manage your company’s food safety
  • Comply with regulatory requirements set by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)
  • Follow good practices available in the standard to streamline your business process

ISO 22000 Certification Cost in Saudi Arabia

An ISO 22000 Certification Cost in Saudi Arabia varies according to the size of a company’s employees and business nature. The certification cost could also drastically come down if the company already operates at a specific standard with most good processes and practices, thus making ISO 22000 Certification much easier.

When a company operates in all three shifts, the ISO 22000 Certification Cost may increase because the consultant and auditor must train and discuss with employees in all three changes.

An organization may also operate from more than one location. The certification cost will likely increase because the consultant and auditor must visit these locations to ensure the implementation process and auditing are conducted on-site.

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