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how to get iso certification

How to Get ISO Certification?

How to Get ISO Certification?

ISO publishes the International standards, and there are about 22000 + of standards throughout the globe. Depending upon the scope of an individual organization, it can choose the suitable International standard, which will be having specific requirements.

If the organization is not aware of a rule to determine, one of the best options is to go to the consulting organization where their main aim is to provide the best solution for the problems which the organizations are facing by making the process as simple as possible. We the consulting company, Factocert’s main motto is to gain customer satisfaction and improve the process.

The ISO certification certifies a management system, services, manufacturing process, or procedures for documentation purpose, which consists of all the requirements of quality assurance and standardization.

These ISO certifications are issued to the organization to ensure the safety, quality, and efficiency of services, systems, and products.

So when the organization decides to opt for an ISO certification has to go through the following procedures.

Most of the companies choose 9001 certifications which are considered to be the basis for most of the ISO standards. And the cost for each International standard differs because each one describes specific requirements and not only that it also depends upon the size of the company.

Before getting certified firstly, the organization has to develop and document all the business procedures.
The following steps have to be followed by an organization to get ISO to get certification with the help of consulting bodies

Management System has to develop

  • The business process or the core of the business has to be identified.
  • Employees should be involved in the documentation process
  • The access for the information those who need have to be reviewed and approved.

System should implement

  • According to the documentation procedures the work has to be performed
  • Depending upon the type of task, the employees should be trained and should make sure that they are performing well.
  • Reports should be created to cover the fields like testing, inspection, preventive actions, corrective actions, management review meetings, statistical techniques, monitoring of objectives.
  • Using the measurable data, the effectiveness of the process has to monitor.
  • The necessary actions have to be taken to improve the area which is affected.

Verifying that system is effective

  • The audit and the review process has to be conducted to check the effectiveness.
  • Based on strength and weakness, the management system has to identify and document.
  • Corrective and preventive actions have to take.

Registering your system

  • As discussed earlier, the Consulting body has to be chosen by the organization so that they can consult you on how to overcome all these procedures and get you certified.
  • The documentation related to the management system has to be submitted for the verification process to make sure that it meets all the requirements of the International standard.
  • After conducting all this process it has to be audited by an external auditor so that the preparation has to be done by the organization to confirm the requirements according to the standard so that the auditor would be satisfied by the implementation process as the management system is active.

Once you overcome all these procedures, you can be certified by the reputed certification bodies by submitting all the reports related to management, process, systems, and audit. These documents would be verified, and finally, the organization would be certified.

We provide Iso Certifications for all countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, Iraq. and we do provide all kinds of ISO Standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, Halal, CE Mark, and other standards.

For more Information: ISO Certification.

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