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ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria

Why Do You Need ISO 14001 Certification In Nigeria?

How do I get ISO 14001 certification in Nigeria?

ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria is one of the most widely used standards for environment management. As environmental laws all over the world are becoming stricter, organizations are required to follow certain regulations to abide by them. In this regard, ISO 14001 certification in Nigeria holds immense importance. It helps the organizations in Nigeria to demonstrate their commitment to a better environment.   

Why should I get ISO 14001 Certification Nigeria?  

ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria helps organizations improve their image in the market, which in turn helps pull in many customers and business partners. In addition to that, it helps them in complying with related regulations. This also reduces the potential for public liability insurance costs. By rightfully implementing environmental management, organizations can achieve overall price savings regarding consumption, wastage, and recycling.   

How can you achieve ISO 14001 certification in Nigeria?  

You should proceed toward certification once you have built, operated, and documented your Environmental Management System (EMS). This will require you to undertake an internal audit by a qualified professional, followed by a management review, wherein the shortcomings are analyzed, and the scope of the certification for your organization is decided. It would help if you undertook corrective actions to close the identified gaps before inviting a certification body to perform an audit. 

The certification audit comprises two stages- documentation review and primary audit. On successful completion of both these stages, i.e., if there are no nonconformities, the certification body rewards you with ISO 14001 certification. The validity of this certification is three years, and you will have to go for a surveillance audit every year to ensure that the certification’s norms are effectively followed.

Who can go for ISO 14001 in Nigeria?  

– Single-site to MNCs with multiple branches

–Both High-risk and low-risk organizations

– Producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of any goods or services

– Both private and public sector organizations.

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