ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria in the years when the
ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria

Where can I get ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria?

How does ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria?

ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria In the years when the environmental situation began to deteriorate, the risk of a heightened threat grew, leading to different authorities’ increasing concern over stopping the degrading. Numerous countries and organizations have started to develop stricter laws with various standards to minimize the ecological impacts of human activity. In this respect, it is recommended to use ISO 14001 as a guideline. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) publishes an array of standards, commonly referred to as ISO 14001, that an organization could use to establish and develop an Environment Management System and assess the environmental impact of their activities. ISO 14001 specifies specific controls that assist organizations in making informed choices to determine the effects that their actions cause. The latest version is ISO 14001:2015. A total of 165 countries recognize Nigeria’s ISO 14001 certification. It truly is international.


Many companies in Nigeria need help maintaining excellent relations with the environment and maximizing their business profits. This is the reason ISO 14001 certification in Nigeria permits the creation of an effective EMS which enhances its image for your business and assists in getting more customers. It also creates a positive atmosphere that inspires confidence in your clients, partners, shareholders, and others worldwide.

Using the ISO 14001 standard for EMS can help reduce costs and be extremely profitable for businesses. A well-functioning EMS minimizes the risk of events leading to the expense of responsibility. Additionally, it assists you in obtaining insurance for a lower cost. Implementing ISO 14001 makes you more efficient at distributing resources, reducing loss. Savings like this are likely to be successful in making profits. That’s why ISO 14001 certification is more than just a requirement. It is a necessity.

HOW IS ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria?

The High-Level structure found in ISO 14001 ensures a smooth integration of EMS together with the other systems of management. It comprises 10 sections, of which three provide an introduction, and the rest address the requirements for environmental management.

Section 4. The business’s context After thoroughly examining internal and external factors, It is possible to determine which requirements apply to your company. You can modify your EMS through this analysis.

Section 5. Leadership Section 5 Leadership discusses the importance of top management in ensuring the successful implementation of EMS by establishing appropriate communication channels across all levels.

6. Planning . Assessing risks and opportunities in the EMS allows them to design actions necessary to mitigate or avoid these risks and create environmental goals.

Section 7. Support This section helps in mobilizing and managing resources to help in an implementation plan for EMS.

Section 8. Operations The section helps identify risks and controls associated with the EMS within your company to ensure that the correct actions can be planned.

Section 9. Evaluation of the performance section is about regularly evaluating the performance of your EMS and effectiveness. It’s accomplished through conducting internal audits of the EMS, assessing the conformity of various environmental regulations, and monitoring and evaluating the current practices.

Section 10. Enhancement The section focused on maintaining your EMS up-to-date and ensuring that it can offer development that aligns with the industry’s evolving demands.


The first step to obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate involves setting up an EMS following the requirements to obtain ISO 14001 certification in Lagos. Once you have completed this, it is necessary to conduct an internal audit to discover any inconsistencies and correct them within a certain period before seeking an outside certification company, such as SIS Certifications, to audit and certificate your business. From the beginning, you must define the scope of your EMS and develop environmental management guidelines that comply with legal regulations. In addition, you’ll have to establish the mandatory procedures and processes essential for the business’s operations.

Certain documents must be submitted to become ISO 14001-certified companies that must be kept. You can create these documents internally or through the use of an expert for this purpose.

After all the paperwork is created and the EMS is up and running and running, you can use it for a specified time and to document the processes you employ. This will aid in the auditing for the Management process.

The necessary steps that must be taken to gain ISO 14001 certification

Internal Audits: The audit is conducted by a trained team that evaluates the operation within your EMS. The internal auditor ensures that your documentation is properly organized and that your procedures align with the requirements. It assists in identifying the gaps.

Evaluation of management At this phase, your company’s management system is reviewed, and the assignments of the roles and responsibilities are determined to fill in the gaps relevant to your business.

Measures to correct the problem Correctional measures are implemented to fill in the holes found during internal audits and managerial reviews.

HTML0The process of certifying businesses is broken down into two steps:

Phase 1 (documentation exam) — The auditors of the certification organization you select look over the documentation provided by you and then verify the validity following your documentation. ISO 14001 standard.

Stage 2 (leading auditor) — In this stage, experts from your certification organization will evaluate your operations and processes to ensure they conform to your documents and the ISO 14001 standard requirements.

Why Factocert for ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria

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