What is GLP Certification in Nigeria? and its benefits
GLP Certification in Nigeria

What is GLP Certification in Nigeria? and its Benefits

GLP Certification in Nigeria or Good laboratory practice ensures the integrity and calibre of non-clinical laboratory studies used to support research or marketing approvals for commodities covered by GLP government legislation. In Nigeria, “GLP Consultants” is usually used to describe experts that help the pharmaceutical industry with the required non-clinical animal testing before approving new prescription items. GLP Service applies in Nigeria to various products and other non-pharmaceutical agents, such as food additives, colourants, regulations on food contamination, food packaging, and medical devices, among others.

The GLP Certification process in Nigeria aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the excellent lab practice concepts and requirements in the context of GLP compliance with FDA regulations and other Quality Control standards. The GLP Certification in Lagos professional certification Program comprises a series of seven courses

Why is GLP Certification required in Nigeria?

The creation of GLP Certification practices in Ibadan aims to support the authenticity and dependability of test results. GLP Services are the systems that must be used in Nigeria for the creation, quality assurance, and quality system covering the production and testing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and pharmaceutical goods, including active pharmaceutical ingredients.

GLP Certification in Akure is a quality control measure that ensures organisations consistently produce and manage goods to a high-quality standard. For both production and quality control, a lab should follow best practices. The guiding principles of excellent laboratory practice in Nigeria promote the validity and dependability of data generated during chemical testing and prevent dishonest behaviour.

The most extensively used method in the corporate world for ensuring customer satisfaction and controlling the quality of their products and services is known as GLP. Many companies use it, including Testing & Calibration Companies and Medical Laboratory Companies. GLP can be used to enhance and support quality assurance. However, accreditation is commonly viewed as a product guarantee and providing uniformity across borders, languages, and cultural barriers. As a result, both from a practical and reputational standpoint, GLP accreditation is acceptable. When GLP is used, business is conducted differently. By determining the wants and goals of the client, GLP Consultants may put into place a strategy that boosts customer satisfaction across all industries in Nigeria.

How has GLP Certification changed?

One of the key objectives of the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice is to ensure the integrity and high standard of test data utilised in non-clinical safety investigations (GLP). The collection, management, reporting, retention, and archiving of study data supporting human, animal, and environmental safety assessments have changed due to the introduction and ongoing advancement of supporting technologies. Reconstructing the activities performed during the performance of non-clinical safety investigations and having confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the data are the main objectives of the GLP principles’ criteria. This OECD Advisory Document on GLP Data Integrity guides test facilities or sites that conduct GLP investigations to encourage a risk-based approach to data management.

What benefits do GLP Certifications have in Nigeria?

  • In Nigeria, GLP, there is a clear flow of traceability through an extensive audit trail from when a document is created until it is retained or removed.
  • GLP registration in Nigeria boosts belief in the reliability of laboratory results and the effectiveness of the quality system.
  • Enhanced effectiveness in Nigerian GLP Cost Creation: Accurate findings for the first time.
  • Through GLP Certification in Owerri, GLP Consultancy Services in Nigeria system improves the overall effectiveness of laboratory activities.
  • Thanks to a productive laboratory management system, there has been increased brand recognition.
  • The quantity of rework needed in Jos has reduced thanks to GLP Certification.
  • Significantly less time is spent looking into things or cases that don’t make money.


GLP consists of two essential parts:

First, GLP is a Quality Management System that provides several stringent requirements for carrying out research, collecting data, and reporting outcomes.

The second crucial element of the GLP system is quality assurance (QA). The quality assurance unit acts as an impartial internal authority, confirming all stated policies and procedures and ensuring that they are followed during the study’s conduct, analysis, and reporting.

The following are some of the prerequisites for the GLP implementation process:

Management of personnel and physical infrastructure resources according to OECD GLP Guidelines.

The purpose of characterisation is to learn more. In non-clinical research, the test item (usually a chemical substance) and the test apparatus are the main subjects of description (often a live animal). GLP requires at least these two items to be characterised.

In Nigeria, how do you obtain GLP Certification?

Are you interested in the requirements and practices for Dutch GLP Certification? We provide the best GLP certification and auditors to help firms comply with the guidelines established by the international authority for standardisation and gain certification. We will cater to your queries and needs about certification. For a free estimate on the cost of a GLP certification in Nigeria, please email us at contact@factocert.com. For more information about our consulting process, visit our website at www.factocert.com. We’ll be happy to help.

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