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What is an ISO 9001 Certification in Morocco?

Customer Focus: It is crucial to determine and meet the customer’s expectations.

Leadership: Leaders of top quality management systems in Morocco must show their commitment by leading, interacting, and uniting everyone in the quality management system to achieve its goals while maintaining the resources necessary to accomplish these goals.

Involvement of people: Every member of the organization is part of the Quality management system in Morocco, regardless of their position.

Process Approach: The organization treats all activities as processes. Moroccan ISO 9001 standards define the activities required to achieve the stated goals and determine the required resources.

Systems Approach Management: Make a decision to identify each process in the association and their alliance, and then regulate each one as a system.

Continual Improvement: Organizations that pursue Continuous Improvement of the Organization through ISO 9001 Certification Services in Morocco organize objectives and measure progress towards achieving those objectives.

Main Requirements of ISO 9001 Certification in Morocco:

Documentation requirements: Quality Policy & Objectives, Quality Manual, Document Control & Records Management, Quality Procedures & Quality Records,

Management responsibility: Managing commitment, understanding responsibility, communication, authority, management review, planning quality management systems,

Resource management: Capital (Buildings, workspace, equipment, and associated utilities), Human Resources (Training & Awareness), Infrastructure (Workplace, Equipment & Utility Systems),

Product realization: Management of the production process Purchasing, Design, and development, production and service provision, Monitoring and measurement, and customer-related processes.
Measurement, analysis, and improvement: Nonconforming product control, Data analysis, Monitoring and evaluation of processes, Monitoring, and evaluation of products Monitoring and evaluation (Customer satisfaction, Internal auditing, Continuous improvement, Corrective action, Preventative action, and Continual improvement)

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