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What is ISO an 14001 Certification in Nigeria?

ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria, As the environmental condition began to degrade, the risks were heightened, leading to various authorities’ growing concern about preventing the degradation. Many countries and groups began to formulate stricter laws along with multiple standards to help reduce human activity’s negative impact on the natural environment. In this regard, it is recommended that ISO 14001 International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) issues a set of standards, referred to as ISO 14001, which an organization can use to develop and establish the Environment Management System and assess the adverse effects of their actions in the environment. ISO 14001 specifies specific controls that aid organizations in making the right decisions to determine the impact that their activities cause. This most current standard version was released in 2015, and it’s referred to as ISO 14001:2015. ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria is recognized internationally by all member countries, including more than 165 nations. It is genuinely global.


Many organizations located in Nigeria remain stuck between maintaining good relations with the environment and increasing profits for their businesses. It is why ISO 14001 certification in Nigeria allows the establishment of an efficient EMS, which improves the image of your company, thus aiding you in attracting more business. It also creates an atmosphere that is a source of confidence for your partners, customers, shareholders, and the public worldwide.

Implementing the ISO 14001 standard for EMS aids in reducing expenses, which could be highly beneficial to the companies. A successful EMS minimizes the chance of events that could result in the cost of liability. Furthermore, it aids you in obtaining insurance at lower prices. By implementing ISO 14001, you are more efficient in distributing the resources to minimize waste. Savings like these have a high chance of converting profits. It is why ISO 14001 certification is more of a requirement for you than a requirement.

HOW IS ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria?

The High-Level structure in ISO 14001 ensures a smooth integration of EMS with other management systems. It has 10 sections, of which the first three are an introduction, while the remainder of the clauses addresses the environmental management requirements.

Section 4 The context of the business Through a thorough analysis of external and internal issues, You can determine which requirements will apply to your business. You can modify your EMS by this assessment.

Section 5 Leadership This section discusses upper management’s importance in ensuring the effective implementation of EMS by establishing the proper communication channels at all levels.

6. Planning – The evaluation of opportunities and risks of the EMS permits them to plan actions that are necessary for the mitigation or prevention of these hazards as well as the development of environmental objectives.

Section 7 Support This section assists in mobilizing and managing resources to support the implementation of EMS.

Section 8 Operation This section assists in identifying controls and hazards related to the EMS in your organization so that the appropriate actions can be designed.

Section 9 Evaluation of performance This section is concerned with periodically evaluating your EMS’s performance and efficiency. It is achieved by conducting internal audits, assessing the compliance of different environmental regulations, and monitoring and evaluating current procedures.

Section 10 Improvement This section is concerned with keeping your EMS up to date and ensuring that it can provide development in accordance with the changing demands in the marketplace.


The initial step in getting an ISO 14001 certificate involves setting up an EMS according to the specifications for ISO 14001 certification in Lagos. After this is completed, you need to conduct an internal audit to find any inconsistencies and rectify them within a specific time frame before soliciting an outside certification agency like SIS Certifications for certification and Audit. At the start, you need to define the extent of your EMS and formulate environmental management guidelines to comply with the legal requirements. Furthermore, you will need to establish mandatory processes and procedures crucial to your business’s operation.

Certain documents are mandatory to obtain ISO 14001 certified companies, which must be maintained. It is possible to create the documents either internally or by engaging a consultant for this reason.

Once all the documents are set up, and the EMS is set up, it is time to use it for a set time and document the procedures you use. It will help in the Audit of the management process.

The mandatory steps to be followed to obtain ISO 14001 certification

Internal Audit: The Audit is conducted by a qualified team to assess the operation of your EMS. The internal auditor ensures that your documents are in order and that your procedures meet the standards. It assists in identifying gaps.

Assessment of your management In this stage, your organization’s management system is reviewed, and assignments of roles and responsibilities are made to address the gaps that apply to your business.

Corrective measures Corrective actions are taken to fill in the gaps discovered during internal audits and management reviews.

The certification process for companies is broken down into two phases:

Phase One (documentation examination) – The auditors from the certification body you choose review the documentation supplied by you and verify the accuracy of the ISO 14001 standard.

Stage 2 (leading auditor) – At this stage, the experts from your certification body will examine your activities and processes to conform to your documentation and ISO 14001 standard requirements.

If you are looking to apply for ISO 14001 certification in Nigeria for your EMS, You’re at the right spot. With an extensive collection of highly experienced auditors, we guarantee a smooth certification process within the time frame of are determined and limited date.

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