SA 8000 Certification in Philippines benefits, cost, Auditor and how to get SA 8000 certification
SA 8000 Certification in Philippines

What are the benefits of SA 8000 Certification in Philippines

Introduction of SA 8000 Certification in Philippines

SA 8000 Certification in Philippines is an across-the-world identified social accountability trend that enables businesses to exhibit their dedication to moral and responsible hard work practices. It’s based totally on concepts derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Core Conventions, and national exertions legal guidelines.

Benefits of SA 8000 Certification in Philippines:

  • Enhanced brand popularity: Demonstrates your commitment to moral sourcing and corporate social responsibility, which may attract customers and traders who fee these items.
  • Improved employee members of the family: Creates fairer and more fun painting surroundings, which could cause multiplied employee morale, productivity, and retention.
  • Reduced hazard of hard work disputes: Helps prevent labor troubles along with pressured exertions, toddler hard work, and discrimination, which can be expensive and damaging to your reputation.
  • Improved supply chain visibility: Provides more transparency into your supply chain, permitting you to pick out and deal with any capacity hard work dangers.
  • Increased entry to markets: Some customers, in particular in Europe and North America, require their suppliers to be SA 8000 certification in Philippines.

How to get SA 8000 certification in Philippines:

There are several accepted certifications by our bodies (CBs) within the Philippines that can help you obtain SA 8000 certification in Philippines. The process typically involves the subsequent steps:

  1. Contact a CB: Choose a CB that is authorized by using the Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS).
  2. Conduct a gap evaluation: The CB will check your present-day practices in opposition to the SA 8000 requirements to pick out any gaps.
  3. Develop a motion plan: Work with the CB to increase a plan to address the identified gaps.
  4. Implement the action plan: Implement the adjustments important to satisfy the SA 8000 necessities.
  5. Undergo an audit: The CB will behavior an audit to affirm that you have met the SA 8000 necessities.
  6. Receive your certificate: If you pass the audit, you will receive your SA 8000 certification in Philippines.

 SA 8000 certification in Philippines Cost:

The fee for SA 8000 certification in Philippines varies depending on the size and complexity of your business enterprise. However, you may anticipate paying between PHP 100,000 and PHP 500,000.

  • The length and complexity of your organization: Larger and more complex groups will commonly have higher certification charges.
  • The scope of your certification: If you’re seeking certification for an unmarried website, the fee can be lower than in case you are in search of certification for multiple websites.
  • The chosen certification body (CB): Different CBs charge extraordinary expenses.
  • Get quotes from more than one CB: Be certain to compare fees from numerous exceptional CBs before making a decision.
  • Do some of the paintings your self: You can save money by using doing a little of the pre-audit paintings yourself, which includes undertaking an opening analysis.
  • Get your employees involved: Train your personnel at the SA 8000 requirements so that they let you put into effect the necessary modifications.

SA 8000 Certification in Philippines Auditor:

1. Choose an Accredited Certification Body (CB):

  • The Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) oversees the accreditation of CBs that could behavior SA 8000 audits. Look for a CB approved by using SAAS to make certain your certification meets the required requirements.

2. Consider your wishes:

  • Company size and complexity: Larger companies might also require a CB with revel in in auditing comparable groups.
  • Scope of certification: Will you be looking for certification for one website or multiple locations?
  • Industry: Some CBs specialize in particular industries, like garment manufacturing or agriculture.

3. Research capability CBs:

  • Check the CB’s internet site for statistics about their experience, understanding, and fees.
  • Read online critiques and testimonials from other clients.

4. Contact shortlisted CBs:

  • Request costs for pre-audit work, audit expenses, and surveillance audits.
  • Ask approximately the CB’s audit methodology and qualifications of their auditors.
  • Schedule meetings or calls to talk about your unique needs and expectancies.

5. Select the satisfactory healthy:

Choose the CB that quality meets your wishes in terms of experience, expertise, cost, and communication fashion.


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