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CE Mark Certification in Netherlands

Do products qualify for CE Mark Certification in Netherlands if you have UL or CSA Certification?

What is CE Marking?

The CE mark, a sign that indicates compliance with applicable EU laws, is attached to products or containers. The CE marking enables businesses to sell their high-quality, reliable, and environmentally friendly products more easily on the European market.

For exporting or importing into the European Economic Area (EEA), the company’s goods must bear the CE Mark Certification in Netherlands; however, this requirement is not applicable outside of the EEA.

Benefits of CE Mark Certification in Netherlands

  • Products can simply and without limits enter the European market.
  • global exposure for your company
  • Acquires more customers
  • boosts revenue and customer satisfaction by enhancing the brand’s reputation
  • trustworthy and secure goods

Do products qualify for CE Mark when they have UL or CSA Certification?

That is regrettably not the case.

The UL/CSA certification and the CE Mark certification procedures differ. And as a result, often UL/CSA compliance needs to grant the authority to apply the CE marking immediately. However, if the testing and certification were carried out following international standards comparable to European harmonised standards pertinent to the specific device, the UL/CSA certifications may make the CE procedure much more straightforward. In that instance, skipping (some of) the pricey product conformity testing might be an option.

However, a different aspect of the CE criteria focuses on the manufacturer’s capacity to demonstrate CE compliance via a Technical File. This Technical File must be created before the CE marking is applied (it is a requirement of approval), and it must be regularly updated and maintained even after the product has been released onto the market. The criteria for Technical Files under UL and CSA are different. Therefore you would also need to pay attention to this.

After a brief evaluation of the supporting documentation, our specialists can determine whether the current UL/CSA files can be utilised to demonstrate CE compliance. We can also assist you in choosing the most affordable method for getting your products CE-certified. When you are ready to use our services, let us know.

CE Mark Certification procedure

  • Please inquire about our global website or contact us by mail or phone, depending on your country or region first.
  • Download the application form from our website, fill it out for free, and email it to
  • After examining your application, we will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps in the certification process.
  • Factocert submits the audit results, the number of NCs (if any were discovered), and the following observations.
  • The period required for an NC closure to be effective is 30 to 60 days.
  • Finally, we will issue the 3-year-valid CE Marking certificate following the successful installation.

CE Mark Certification Cost in Netherlands

It makes perfect sense to ask this. You must be thinking about it as well, I’m sure. It is wise to have a general understanding of the costs involved before you begin obtaining the CE marking. But most people need to be aware of how challenging this topic is to respond

The cost of CE certification varies significantly from product to device. I’ve seen prices between $64 to $64,000. The certification procedure that the product needs, whether the company can perform some or all of the conformity assessments on its own, and the level of assistance required to create the Technical File, required compliance documents, user manuals, and product labelling all have an impact on the price.

The technical requirements of a product and its “intended purpose” determine whether CE certification procedures or procedures apply. The proper European harmonised standards, CE marking directives or directives (yes, a product may be covered by more than one CE directive at the same time), and certification process can only be identified once these aspects are apparent.

The CE guidelines frequently provide the option of using two or more certification processes. One thing to consider is the cost of the various procedures, which can differ from one to the next.

What information is required to obtain a precise picture of CE Certification cost in Netherlands?

It would be best if you made the following points clear:

  • Which CE directive(s) apply to the product if any?
  • Which criteria apply to the product? Do these standards qualify as harmonised European standards or not?
  • Which certification process(es) applies(es)?

Using this data, you may compare prices offered by various service providers, including test laboratories, certification agencies, and consultants, and make sure they will deliver the same level of service.


Dutch CE Mark Certification is an essential tool for businesses looking to get European CE certification. By understanding the components of this system and its functions, you can find the right Dutch CE Mark Provider for your business. Dutch CE Mark Provider provides a comprehensive guide that will help you achieve European CE certification.

CE Mark Certification in Netherlands
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