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Process and Requirement for ISO 9001 certification in Indonesia

ISO 9001 certification in Indonesia: Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 certification in Indonesia is a management standard that specifies the requirement for Quality Management System. Clause No. 8 – Operations addresses both internal and outsourced processes, in addition to conducts and managing planned and unintended change. Sub-clause number 8.1 – Regarding operation planning and control. So in this clause, the requirement is that you have to plan, implement and control the processes. First of all, determining the requirement of the product and services.

The organization has to be clear about what are the products that we intend to manufacture and supply, which is the customer segment which we are serving for that accordingly we have to build the quality and what are the various processes necessary and the services that we are going to render we should be clear about the services.

Once we have determined the requirement of the product and services then the next step is that we have to establish the criteria for the effectiveness of the processes and the acceptance of products and services and these two things are important. One is that we must plan out the whole activity as a bar chart and second thing is that we must have a quality plan, specifying the criteria for acceptance of the product.

Next is determining the resources, what resources are needed to achieve conformity of the products. So, this also should not be lacking anywhere otherwise your products or service is going to suffer. Now next is implementing the controls of processes by the criteria. Criteria mean for carrying out a process and its effectiveness and also what checks have to be exercised, they have to be in line with the quality plan.

Now, the ISO 9001 documented information once you carry out the processes, you have to create the records. So, the documented information or the records. They need to be maintained to have confidence that the processes have been carried out as planned and to determine the conformity of the products and services to the requirements. So, our records. They are the authentication of how the processes work carried out that they were whether acceptable or not, that the product inspection and verification and the entire service or product. They were acceptable or not.

Also,  for ISO 9001, we have to ensure the control of our outsourced process processes is quite aware, they also have processes as the word indicates they are outsourced which means an external agency is providing the support or those services or those particular activities. Now they may be anything it depends on what activity we wish to outsource.

As you see ISO 9001 in construction projects most of the processes of construction are outsourced are given out to the subcontractors and they carry out the activity, according to your quality plan, fulfilling your requirement and their activity, control has to be on their activity the control is exercised by the organization. So the engineers working on those controls to ensure that everything is planned and carried out according to the organization’s planning and control.

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