ISO 9001 certification in Iraq The region between the Tigris
ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq Iraq

How does ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq help’s your business


ISO 9001 certification in Iraq The region between the Tigris River and the Euphrates was the cradle of civilization in ancient times, where humans learned to read, write, and communicate. The nation has a good amount of oil reserves and thus is the economy’s dominant sector. Iraq has been witnessing the adverse effects of terrorism and has lost most of its image for ease of business, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. The nation was deprived of free trade and foreign investment during the 20th century. 

With the fall of the leadership of Saddam Hussein, foreign investment has increased. Infrastructure, water resources, oil and natural gas are the prominent economic sectors contributing to GDP. With the conflict in the background and disturbing the peaceful living of its citizens, Iraq could not utilize its full potential. It’s now time for Iraq to grow up to the standards, and the ISO certification in Iraq provides better opportunities to grow ahead and use its complete potential. Many light manufacturing industries in various parts of Iraq, majorly near Jordan, are enhancing their exports by using ISO certifications in Iraq. The country, now moving towards stability with international aid, has maintained a slight upscale in exports with light manufacturing, but the oil revenues dominate the economy. 

The nation has now stepped into the infrastructure, and many international companies are interested in the new project to renew the infrastructure of Iraq. Many companies from the USA and UK have invested in the infrastructure, and ISO 45001 certifications in Iraq have played a great role in the health and Safety of the workforce and have made them aware of the work process. ISO 9001 certifications in Iraq would improve awareness and customer satisfaction, starting with implementing management systems in the organization. Factorcert is offering the best solution at the best price in Iraq with the idea of customizing the implementation with minimal costs incurred in the process.



Natural gas and oil have been the largest contributors to Iraq’s economy for ages. Still, it must employ human resources, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. Iraq exports billions of crude oil to many neighbouring nations, and due to the conflict, the demand for the old from the region has fallen due to sanctions against terrorist organizations. Iraq has the fourth largest proven oil reserve, with exports amounting to 4 million barrels per day, out of which 93% is exported, and this has made a great contribution towards the economy, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. ISO 45001 and ISO 29001 certifications in Iraq have been witnessing upward growth, and the certifications have been adding value towards many operational aspects of the organization, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. ISO 9001 certifications in Iraq have resulted in a better understanding of the customer’s requirements and concentrating on the exact requirements to be delivered to attain the utmost customer satisfaction. Iraq still holds great potential in utilizing this sector to boost the other sectors of the economy and improve the overall product outputs in the Iraqi market.


The country has great potential, but due to the recent turmoil because of terrorism has made the country go into chaos. The international community intervention has helped to revive the industries, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. Consequently, ISO certification in Iraq could play a significant role in establishing management systems in the country and luring foreign investors. To ensure all organization workers understand and implement quality, ISO 9001 certifications would benefit the business class in Iraq. In Iraq, ISO 27001 certification can provide employment and ensure information security in the service sector through digitalization. ISO 22000 in Iraq would benefit all good processing and manufacturing(food) sectors and enhance the reach of the products globally. Infrastructure development in the region makes ISO 41001 certifications in Iraq essential. ISO 45001 certifications in Iraq would help in various business sectors due to its specific addressing of health and Safety. Factocert offers ISO certification consultants in Iraq who assist in implementing and certifying ISO standards and providing training and documentation.


The second largest city in the Arab world, The nation’s capital, has been the front-runner in the economy, with most of the oil exports being made through this city. It lies on the bank of the Tigris River and is the most populous city in the nation. The city contributes up to 40% of the GDP of the country. The town lies on alluvial soil with flat terrain, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. ISO certifications in Baghdad have resulted in small companies exporting their product to numerous other countries. ISO 9001 Certification in Baghdad is the most sought-after certification that provides an effective quality Management system in organizations. The efforts to reconstruct urban infrastructure have been evident, and most Iraqi airlines have been in Baghdad. The city would need ISO services in Baghdad to be the key resource for business building. ISO 45001 Certifications in Baghdad and ISO 14001 Certifications in Baghdad would help reconstruct the business platform required to reach global business opportunities.


The city with the maximum number of oil companies and the major oil refining companies are in this province, and they contribute towards the economy through oil exports. ISO Certifications in Basra are helping to reconstruct the broken economy and unite the industries to have quality assurance for international clients. ISO 9001 Certification in Basra has allowed the chemical industry to meet investor quality requirements. ISO 14001 Certifications in Basra are gaining momentum as this would enable them to reach new markets and showcase their environmental commitment. Companies concerning their clients’ health and safety requirements seek ISO 45001 Certification in Basra. Factocert provides ISO Services in Basra, and the implementation and project completion with the customers in Basra is reaching new heights with Factocert. ISO Certifications in Basra will be necessary in the future, and all companies must showcase their efforts to meet international management systems. Basra is home to all six ports in the country, making transportation and other industries grow. Taking ISO Services in Basra from Factocert for professional expertise would be essential. ISO 29001 Certifications in Basra benefit from the certifications, and Factocert provides ISO Certification Consultants in Basra. 


The safest region in the country lies in the Kurdish region, and Erbil has been supporting the nation’s economy due to its Safety and its potential to attract greater investment along with the City of Sulaymaniyah. Factocert provides ISO Services in Erbil with expertise in the international market that Factocert holds. Iraq’s capital city, Erbil, is among the oldest cities in the world, with a long history of human settlement in the region, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. The area has an international airport and also connects major cities. This city has been witnessing the power change from Baghdad and also has been evident of the economic growth; many industries in the region are contributing towards the economy, and ISO Certifications in Erbil have seen an increase in demand and the ISO Services in Erbil are provided by Factocert with optimum customization and professional touch to implementation is offered. Factocert provides ISO 9001 Certifications in Erbilo. ISO 45001 Certification in Erbil is seen to help the health and Safety of the workforce. ISO 14001 Certifications in Erbil have provided an awareness of the environment.


Factocert has been associated with Middle Eastern clients for the past decade. Having done multiple projects for private and government companies, our expertise in delivering timely projects at affordable costs has put us at the forefront of ISO certification in Iraq.

The standards are 9001, 14001, 45001, 22000, HACCP, ISO 50000, 27001, 13485, and ISO 17025. We have successfully implemented and certified these standards in Iraq.


  • We offer onsite and online ISO consulting services in the major cities of Iraq.
  • I have experience working with small, medium, and large organizations across various ISO standards. Cost factors and quality delivered have greatly benefited new industries.
  • Industry-specific knowledge of our ISO consultants in Iraq will optimize processes for your existing businesses.
  • rt Based on your requirements, we can recommend the most cost-effective Certification Body for you. Thereby ensuring the success of your ISO certification in Iraq.
  • A widespread network of associates in Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, Erbil, and Basra ensures your Local language support.
  • Become a global business with Factocert’s Business Excellence.
  • You will gain a competitive edge through our state-of-the-art certifications.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and risk management; direct tools to increase revenues and reduce operational costs.
  • There is no one better at understanding government tender requirements than Factocert. Consequently, you will be assured of a timely ISO certification for Iraq.
  • Authenticated processes and certificates are only issued; our certificates are globally recognized and accepted.

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