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ISO 22000 Certification In Vietnam

How does having ISO 22000 Certification In Vietnam Benefit Organizations?

Importance of having ISO 22000 Certification in Vietnam 


ISO 22000 Certification In Vietnam provides a framework for food safety management systems, enabling organizations to demonstrate their commitment to preventing food-borne illnesses.


Organizations of all sizes and across the food chain can ensure food safety with ISO 22000 certification. In addition, it promotes sustainable living and good health while meeting the highest international food safety standards. By obtaining an ISO 22000 certification, organizations can ensure that their food products are safe quality and protect the health of their customers.


A country’s food and beverage industry plays a crucial role in its economy, making it one of its most important sectors. Various activities are included in the sector, such as production, processing, packaging, distribution, and retail. Many countries’ largest employer is the food and beverage sector, which provides livelihoods to millions worldwide.

The consequences of unsafe food practices can be catastrophic. As part of ISO’s food safety management standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 help firms identify and control food safety risks. It facilitates cross-border movement of goods and ensures consumer trust through the universally applicable ISO 22000 standard.


The ISO 22000 Certification ensures the quality and safety of your food products if you produce, process, distribute, export, or handle them. Factocert provides on-site and online consultation services for ISO 22000 Certification in Vietnam, providing you with everything you need to complete the ISO 22000 certification audit within the deadline.


ISO 22000 Certification In Vietnam and Consulting Services


As a leading global consulting firm, Factocert provides comprehensive business advice, training, and process consulting services in Vietnam. We are a one-stop solution provider with operations in 30+ countries and over 4500+ projects across various standards. We also provide Gap Analysis, Documentation, Training, and Internal and External Audits as part of our 22000 Certification services in Vietnam.


Through best practices, we can help you increase your bottom line by understanding the local business culture in Vietnam. With a strong presence across significant locations around the Mekong Delta, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, etc., Factocert is the trusted partner for all ISO 22000 Certification needs in Vietnam. Get ISO 22000 Certification services in Vietnam simplified, faster, and more affordable by contacting us today.


The 5 Steps To ISO 22000 Certification In Vietnam


Your requirements will be discussed with an expert from Factocert. A detailed gap analysis will analyze your organization’s current process/structure regarding ISO 22000 compliance requirements, followed by a quotation.



After our quotation is accepted, our team will conduct the required training and assist you with the ISO 22000 certification documentation.



To confirm that your organization meets ISO 22000 requirements, we will conduct a pre-assessment audit.



We will assist during the final certification audit to ensure your organization successfully achieves ISO 22000 Certification in Vietnam.



As a quality-conscious organization, Factocert is committed to providing total customer satisfaction. Therefore, payment will only be made following the successful completion of the ISO 22000 audit. We always strive to simplify, accelerate, and keep our prices low.


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