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GMP Certification in Tanzania

Information related to GMP Certification in Tanzania

What is GMP Certification in Tanzania ?

GMP Certification in Tanzania is provided by the top leading company, Factocert. It is based on the control and management of pharmaceutical product manufacturing, testing and general quality. It outlines a few rules that discuss the quality assurance strategy. The GMP certification guarantees that goods are produced following quality standard guidelines.

The Food and Drug Administration Commissioner has granted the Joint Commissioner authority to sign and issue certifications under the WHO-GMP certification program. The topics covered by GMP certification are documentation, record keeping, staff qualifications, cleanliness, equipment verification, sanitation, complaint handling and process validation.

The GMP Certification in Tanzania is not unusual in any way. Instead, they are flexible and straightforward to apply and provide manufacturers the freedom to choose how best to implement the required controls.

What does GMP Certification in Tanzania aim to achieve?

Good Manufacturing Practices’ primary goal is to lower the risk associated with manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical products carry risks, including (a) unexpected uncleanness in the product, which can negatively impact health and even result in death (b) incorrect labelling on containers, which merely suggests that the patient is ingesting the wrong medicine (c) too much active ingredient or too little, which can result in ineffective treatment or adverse effects, etc.

What are the advantages of GMP Certification in Tanzania ?

While most manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices adhere to GMP criteria, others have developed their standards following local laws.

  • Encourage certification holders to choose quality creation.
  • Prompt identification of manufacturers and management problems.
  • Adherence to crucial regulations and legislation.
  • Increase public perception and overall credibility.
  • Lower the risk of product quality and safety failing.
  • Boosts consumer trust in your products.
  • Reduces operating expenses resulting from rework and fines for non-compliance.
  • Increases export opportunities, decreases the need for repeated inspections and saves money.

What is the procedure to obtain GMP Certification in Tanzania ?

Application: This is the preliminary step to getting the GMP qualification; the application covers some vital data about the company. The affirmation body needs to recognize the application and requirements to document or keep up all the data on the GMP database.

Review Of Application: The team will evaluate the application to ensure that the consistency need has been satisfied.

Evaluation & Arrangement: After the audit of documents, give the worth citation to play out the Void Evaluation to cover all the provisos and location of the quality standards. The Space Evaluation is done to examine the Space between the company’s arranged things and achieved things.

Paperwork Review: Inspect the company’s documents to ensure that the documentation is satisfied with the compliance prerequisite.


  1. Audit: Determine your association’s taped strategy and techniques against the consistency requirement.
  2. Study: Then, evaluate the documentation of your administration structure to ensure that the consistency prerequisites have been calmed down.
  3. Corrective Task: The rehabilitative task is to be taken care of by the non resemblance. It needs to be made when noncompliance happens.
  4. Inspect: Confirm the documentation of the establishment according to the standard needed.


  1. Audit: The examiner checks that the organization, as shown by its paperwork and the inspector of a reliable body, differentiates the noncompliance. At last, the customer supplies the opportunity to address the non-conformities. Afterward, assess the implementation procedure based on the association’s record.
  2. Corrective Activity: If any non-similarity happens, then remedial action needs to be taken.
  3. Check: Confirm job advice, and then the execution process is routed by your agents.

Granting Of Accreditation: The Certification Body will undoubtedly offer a certification of compliance, which is substantial for a long time.

Surveillance Audit: Surveillance testimonials ensure that the association satisfies the requirements of the management structure. Observation review must be done every six months or one year from the day of released certification.

Why choose Factocert ?

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