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ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria

How do you get ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria? What is the Process, Cost, and Advantage?

ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria, In the bustling landscape of Nigeria, the food enterprise plays a pivotal function inside the US. Of the United States’s economic gadgets, ensuring the safety and incredible quality of meal merchandise is paramount. The ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria stands as a beacon, guiding meals-associated businesses inside the path of putting in a sturdy Food Safety Management System (FSMS). This blog will treat the strategies, costs, and advantages of obtaining ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria, losing slightly on the adventure within the route of more ordinary and similarly dependable meal manufacturing.

Understanding ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria:

ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria is a worldwide standard that outlines food safety management system requirements. It is designed to help businesses within the meals corporation discover and manage food safety risks, ensuring the production of strong and incredible food merchandise. The preferred is relevant to numerous degrees of the meals supply chain, including processing, manufacturing, packaging, garage, transportation, and distribution.

Processes Involved in Obtaining ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria:

Gap Analysis:

Before commencing the certification process, thoroughly assess your present daily meal safety management. Identify regions that want development to align with ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria requirements.


Develop an intensive Food Safety Management System (FSMS) documentation that encompasses regulations, techniques, and data essential to demonstrate compliance with ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria requirements.

Hazard Analysis:

Conduct an intensive hazard assessment to recognize and study functionality meal protection dangers inside the direction of the meal delivery chain. This consists of natural, chemical, and bodily dangers.

Prerequisite Programs:

Establish and roll prerequisite packages into impact, collectively with exact manufacturing practices (GMP) and exact hygienic practices (GHP), to create a sturdy basis for the FSMS.


Develop and put in force a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan, addressing particular dangers diagnosed within the route of the risk assessment. 

Training and Awareness:

Provide schooling to employees at all stages to ensure they understand the importance of food protection and their roles in preserving it. This includes education on hygiene practices, HACCP requirements, and applicable strategies.


Implement the documented FSMS a few unspecified times inside the destiny of the business enterprise employer enterprise. Ensure that the setup techniques are decided constantly and the control measures are efficiently completed.

Internal Audits:

Conduct regular inner audits to assess the effectiveness of the FSMS. Identify non-conformities and take corrective movements to deal with any problems.

Certification Body Assessment:

Choose a licensed certification frame to evaluate your industrial agency enterprise’s compliance with ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria. The certification body will perform an on-internet internet page audit to verify the implementation and effectiveness of your FSMS.

Certification Issuance:

If your organization efficaciously passes the certification frame’s evaluation, you’ll be issued the ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria. This certification shows your dedication to meal protection and adherence to worldwide requirements.

Costs Associated with ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria:

The charges of acquiringISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria can vary depending on the dimensions of the enterprise’s commercial employer organization, the complexity of its operations, the complexity of its operations, and the level of modern compliance with food protection necessities. Here are a few key fee components:

Consultancy Services:

Many companies pick to interact with the offerings of ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria professionals to guide them through the certification approach. The consultancy services charge can vary depending on the quantity of help required.

Training Programs:

It is critical to put money into education packages for employees to enhance their statistics of meal protection practices, HACCP thoughts, and IISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria requirements. This rate includes schooling substances, training, and any out-of-doors taking walks shoes or professionals.


Developing and keeping all documentation for the FSMS incurs fees related to developing, revising, and organizing documents.

Hazard Analysis and HACCP Plan:

Conducting a hazard assessment and growing an HACCP plan can also encompass more charges for specialized records and belongings.

Internal Audits:

Allocating assets for inner audit strategies, educating inner auditors, and projecting normal audits contribute to the overall charge.

Certification Body Fees:

Accredited certification means our bodies charge charges for their offerings, which embody the preliminary assessment and ongoing surveillance audits.

Technology and Infrastructure:

Upgrading or implementing generation and infrastructure to help the FSMS may be critical, together with the general fee.

Advantages of ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria:

Global Market Access:

ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria complements the credibility of Nigerian meal organizations globally, starting doors to worldwide markets wherein adherence to food safety requirements is a prerequisite.

Consumer Confidence:

Certification instills self-guarantee in clients, assuring them that the food merchandise they purchase meets immoderate necessities of protection and exquisite.

Regulatory Compliance:

ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria ensures compliance with regulatory necessities, decreasing the risk of crook troubles and effects associated with meal protection violations.

Continuous Improvement:

The ISO 22000 framework encourages lifestyles of non-prevent development, as agencies are required to frequently evaluate and enhance their FSMS to deal with developing risks and worrying conditions.

Reduced Food Safety Incidents:

Implementing ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria permits picking out and mitigating capability food safety dangers, essential to reducing foodborne ailments and incidents.

Operational Efficiency:

Adopting ISO 22000 requirements regularly results in streamlined strategies and advanced operational, fashionable, universal overall performance, crucial to price monetary financial savings and accelerated productiveness.

Competitive Advantage:

Aside from the competition, ISO 22000 Certification Devices groups demonstrate a commitment to meal protection to figure out customer details within the competitive Nigerian meals industrial business enterprise corporation.

Why Choose Factocert for ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria?

Choosing Factocert for ISO 22000 Certification in Nigeria is a strategic desire for agencies in critical towns like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Serving as an outstanding ISO 22000 representative in Nigeria, Factocert brings superb understanding and guides agencies through the certification journey. With a tested music record, Factocert guarantees meticulous documentation, risk evaluation, and robust implementation of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). Their power of will to excellence makes them popular for businesses in Enugu, Ibadan, and Kano aspiring to satisfy ISO 22000 necessities. Trust Factocert as your ISO 22000 consultant in Nigeria, ensuring meal protection and compliance within the direction of the Dominion.


In Nigeria, where the meal employer is a cornerstone of economic interest, ISO 22000 certification is a strategic critical. The accreditation now ensures compliance with international requirements and enhances the recognition of food companies, both domestically and globally. With information on the strategies, expenses, and blessings associated with ISO 22000 certification, Nigerian food businesses can embark on a journey within the course of extraordinary, greater-dependable meal production, contributing to the overall proper-being of customers and the prosperity of the Dominion.


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