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GMP Certification in Philippines

What are the documents required for GMP Certification in the Philippines?

Introduction to GMP Certification in  Philippines

GMP Certification in Philippines is a gadget of requirements designed to make sure that merchandise is constantly produced and managed in step with first-rate standards. It is designed to limit the dangers involved in any manufacturing procedure that would affect the first-class of the product. GMP is likewise worried about making sure that each product is safe, effective, and pure.

In the Philippines, GMP certification is obligatory for all food and drug producers. The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is liable for imposing GMP guidelines.

Process of GMP certification in  Philippines 

  1. Application: The producer should put up an application to the FDA. The application must encompass information about the corporation, the products being synthetic, and the manufacturing manner.
  2. Documentation review: The FDA will assess the manufacturer’s documentation to ensure that it meets GMP necessities.
  3. Inspection: The FDA will behavior an inspection of the manufacturer’s facility. The inspector will test to make sure that the facility is easy and properly maintained, that the gadget is well calibrated and maintained and that the personnel are skilled in GMP approaches.
  4. Certification: If the producer meets all the FDA’s necessities, they will be issued a GMP certificate. The certificate will be valid for five years.

 Benefits to GMP certification in  Philippines.

  • Improved product first-class: GMP certification enables one to make certain that merchandise is constantly produced and controlled according to first-rate requirements. This can help to improve the protection, efficacy, and purity of the products.
  • Reduced chance of remembers: GMP certification can help to reduce the hazard of product recalls by means of ensuring that products are manufactured in safe and sanitary surroundings.
  • Increased marketplace entry to GMP certification can assist in the growth of marketplace entry for manufacturers by demonstrating that they meet international first-rate requirements.
  • Enhanced patron confidence: GMP certification can help to decorate purchaser confidence in a producer’s merchandise.

 Document necessities for GMP certification in Philippines

  • Completed software form for GMP Certificate: This form may be downloaded from the FDA internet site. The form should be filled out completely and accurately, and it needs to be signed by a licensed representative of the business enterprise.
  • Copy of legitimate and appropriate License to Operate (LTO) issued by the FDA: This LTO should be in the right standing, and it needs to be for the same facility that is making use of GMP certification.
  • Inspection file with a certificate of Compliance/ Recommendation Letter from RFO (FDA Regional Field Office): This document has to be prepared by way of the FDA RFO once they have inspected the facility. The record must kingdom that the facility complies with GMP necessities.
  • Proof of fee: This fee should be made according to the FDA’s charges schedule. The evidence of the fee has to be a replica of the professional receipt.

Types of GMP certification in Philippines:

  • PIC/S GMP Certificate: This is the most widely diagnosed form of GMP certification within the international. It is issued by the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S) National Regulatory Authority (NRA). The PIC/S is a global cooperative agreement that harmonizes GMP guidelines for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. 
  • ASEAN GMP Certificate: This is a newer form of GMP certification that is unique to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is issued via an ASEAN MRA on GMP (Mutual Recognition Agreement on Good Manufacturing Practices) signatory NRA. The ASEAN MRA on GMP is a local agreement that recognizes the GMP certificate of signatory NRAs. 

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