How is GDP Certification in Netherlands different from GMP?
GDP Certification in Netherlands

How is GDP Certification in Netherlands different from GMP Certification?

GDP certification in Netherlands and Good manufacturing practice(GMP) are the Primary standards and sharing common objectives to make sure medical devices and pharmaceutical products are safe,meet the end use,and follow the safety measures.


GMP focuses on manufacturing processes and GDP focuses on distribution activities. There is a connections between manufacturing and distribution,here what are the main differences between GDP and GMP?


Definitions : 

What is Good distribution practice(GDP) ?

Good distribution practice(GDP) is maintaining the quality of the product in all the levels of supply chain. It gives the minimum standards to ensure medical devices and products are maintaining the standards.GDP applies to warehousing,storage,supply,and it covers form all storing and transporting the products under standard protocol.doing this minimizes the products defects and ensures products safety and reaches to the designated place on time.

What is Good Manufacturing practice(GMP) ?

Good Manufacturing practice(GMP) is making sure that products manufactured is maintaining the standards and quality set. It mainly aims in minimizing the risk,from incorrect labeling of products to contamination to incorrect ingredients and everything in between.GMP systems touches all the production process,from converting raw materials to finished products.

Main Differences between Between GDP and GMP :

The main differences falls under four main headings : 

  • Personnel :

     While GDP focuses on the function of the Responsible Person, GMP discusses the role of the Qualified Person. Although the terminology may differ, a Responsible Person is charged with certain duties in accordance with the guidance. They cannot, as opposed to a Qualified Person, certify the release of a product batch, for instance.

  • Equipment and premises :

    The additional regulations incorporated in GDP to protect goods and materials that are either radioactive or in high demand on the illicit market are the primary distinction between GDP and GMP.

    However, there may be ambiguities in this area. Consider the heat mapping of storage spaces. Thermal mapping systems are typically present in facilities that are striving to maintain GMP compliance even though GMP does not specifically ask for them. Thermal mapping is a must for GDP, though.

    Calibration of instruments, particularly those used in processes for product traceability, is another area where GDP places increased attention.

  • Documentation :  The GDP has a lower requirement for production and testing paperwork, as may be assumed, but a higher requirement for storage and personnel documentation.
  • Operations :  The header is different since, under GMP, production is where these rules fall. Regarding the more relevant details, GDP gives false product detection, supplier and customer approval, and exporting procedures greater attention

Benefits of GDP certification in Netherlands :

 An organization gains from a properly implemented Quality System in a GDP activity in the following ways:
  • Ensures that the supply chain’s guidelines are adhered to help to achieve consistency and maintains the quality of the product. 
  • Reduces the chance that fake drugs may enter the supply chain.
  • Cuts down on distribution errors,
  • build client confidence and minimizes mistakes,
  • increases efficiency, and lowers costs, which decreases waste and boosts margins.
  • creates a continual improvement culture and increases market share
  • Participates inspires and supports staff training. 
  • Helps effective organization marketing
  • places the company in a position to profit from emerging markets and areas.

Benefits of GMP certification in Netherlands :

 Good manufacturing practice(GMP),is an ethical standard governing the production and examination of active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics, foods, pharmaceutical products, and scientific apparatus. 
The product’s identification, composition, quality, purity, and strength are all verified by Netherlands  GMP Services under industry standards. A list of rules governing practices and documentation used to validate the product is also included.
  • improves the food safety management system
  • increases consumer faith in your products
  • lowers operating expenses after remodeling or fines for non-compliance
  • Increased export opportunities are a result.
  • fewer inspections that are repeated
  • saving cash

Where to find GDP and GMP certification consultants in Netherlands : 

Factocert is one of the best GMP and GDP consultants in Netherlands. We provide services in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Delft, and other important cities in Netherlands. 
They offer implementation, training, documentation, gap analysis, registration, audit, and templates at a reasonable price to all organisations seeking certification under all Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Distribution Practice systems in Netherlands.

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