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RoHS Certification in Kenya

Why do Electronic items require RoHS Certification in Kenya?


If you are looking to have a business in Kenya, then you should definitely know about the Programme of RoHS Certification in Kenya.  because the government of Kenya is currently working on a new regulation that will require all businesses in the country to comply with RoHS. These criteria must be met; otherwise, you could face significant penalties – and potentially closure. So, it’s essential that you fully understand what the requirements are before starting your business in Kenya.

What is RoHS Certification in Kenya?

The RoHS complaint is a code to identify hazardous materials that must be handled safely and responsibly. The RoHS code requires all materials subject to RoHS certification, including products made from hazardous materials, to have specific information markings identifying them as such.

Why do Electronic items require RoHS Certification in Kenya?

The RoHS Certificate is a certification that proves that a product has been made in compliance with the RoHS Directive. The RoHS Directive is a national regulation in the European Union that restricts the use of certain chemicals in products.

Products that comply with the RoHS Certification in Kenya Directive must include a notice stating that the product contains no harmful chemicals. The certificate can also be accompanied by a safety data sheet outlining how the product was tested and performed under specific conditions.

The benefits of RoHS Certification in Kenya include the following:

1) RoHS Certification in Kenya Maintaining a safe and healthy environment by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.

2) RoHS Certification in Kenya Reducing waste and saving money by returning products to their former condition.

3) Helping protect human health by preventing possible injuries from exposure to harmful chemicals.

What is the RoHS Programme?

The RoHS Certification Programme is a set of requirements that businesses must meet when certification for their product is sought. The program includes requirements such as having documentation from an independent lab testing the product’s safety, the establishment of manufacturing premises, and the management of production processes according to regulations.

To be certificated as complying with the RoHS Certification in Kenya Directive, businesses must also adhere to other regulations, like Health and Safety at Work Regulations (HASR). HASR requires employers to protect workers from dangerous exposures while performing their jobs, including controlling exposure to hazardous chemicals and providing training on safe working practices. 

What are the Requirements for RoHS Certification in Kenya?

When seeking RoHS Certification in Kenya certification under the RoHS Directive, businesses must meet specific requirements, such as setting up manufacturing premises and managing production processes according to regulations. They must also bear responsibility for ensuring workers’ health and safety during work, considering health-related risks associated with chemical use.

How to Get RoHS Certification in Kenya:

To get a RoHS certification, you will first need to obtain a RoHS certificate. This can be done through an authorized RoHS Consultant organization like Alternatively, you may also want to look into online courses or seminars that offer RoHS certification.

If you are having trouble putting this BIFMA Certification management system into practice or are unsure how to obtain BIFMA Certification in Kenya, get in touch with best RoHS Consultan in or through that our consulting experts can provide you with an effective project plan.


RoHS Certification in Kenya is a regulation that helps protect the environment by reducing the number of chemicals used in products. Certifying products with RoHS certification allows businesses to reduce their environmental impact and comply with safety regulations. By obtaining a RoHS certificate, you can ensure your product meets safety standards and safeguards the environment.

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