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Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification in Manila

A quality management system, like ISO 9001 certification in Manila, will benefit your organization in several ways. This will include keeping your company competitive on the international market, sharing knowledge, technology, and good practices with your competitors, and impacting the quality of your construction projects.

Processes of ISO 9001 certification in Manila

Whether your organization is small, medium, or large, ISO 9001 Certification in Manila can help your business attain the global recognition you deserve. It will improve the quality of your products and services and enhance the efficiency of each process. It will also help you meet your customers’ expectations.

As an island nation in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a fast-growing economy and is expected to become an economic powerhouse soon. The country’s key industries include manufacturing, tourism, energy, mining, and finance.

The Department of Energy recently trumpeted the accomplishment of the National Electrification Administration, which obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification. The organization successfully underwent an audit by TUV Rheinland, a pioneering international certification body in the Philippines.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental organization that develops standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of products and processes. Since 1947, ISO has developed more than twenty-one thousand standards.

The standard provides a model for developing an effective Quality Management System. Its requirements include:

  • A strong client/customer focus.
  • Standardization of improvement processes.
  • Ongoing improvement of the approach.

Sharing knowledge, technology, and good practices

Various studies have been conducted to determine the impact of ISO 9001 on an organization’s performance. This review evaluates the effects of this quality management standard across four pillars of organizational performance: learning, innovation, operational, and financial.

The most obvious impact of the ISO 9001 standard is on internal processes. The standard requires an organization to describe its processes. It also requires that the process be capable of consistently meeting customer requirements. In some cases, implementing this standard has been shown to improve profitability and efficiency.

Another important effect of the standard is that it helps achieve a competitive advantage. Many companies seek certification to satisfy their customers and maintain business practices. By getting certified, companies can build customer trust and earn more revenue.

A comprehensive literature review was performed on scholarly published studies. Of the 68 research papers analyzed, 19 empirical studies were selected to test hypotheses about the impact of ISO 9001 on performance.

Impact on quality cost in construction projects

Having ISO 9001 certified is a good way to demonstrate that you can meet your customers’ quality expectations. The standard encourages customer-focused processes, which improve internal communications and supplier relationships. Companies can also use the certification to build trust with their customers and to gain a competitive advantage as a marketing tool.

The quality of the outputs of a company’s internal processes, as well as its external customers, is directly affected by the performance of suppliers. Similarly, the quality of the project delivered by a contractor is related to the quality of the plans and specifications and the equipment and materials supplied by the supplier.

A study by Din, Abd-Hamid et al. examined the effect of the ISO 9001 certification on the internal business processes of construction companies. This study found that ISO 9001 certification significantly improved the internal business process.

The study also identified structural differences between companies that had achieved ISO 9001 certification and those that had not. In particular, companies that had achieved certification tended to have more employees working in managerial positions than those that did not.

Keeping global competitiveness

Keeping the global competitiveness benefits of ISO 9001 certification in Manila ensures that your products and services meet customer requirements and expectations. It also helps to improve the overall performance of your business. With this certification, you can gain access to new markets and customers. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity for your company to build a loyal customer base.

The standard provides you with evidence of regulatory compliance and processes in institutions. It also covers financial performance, customer results, learning, operational performance, and organizational performance. It is ideal for any organization. It is highly customizable. The document can cover the entire organization or a specific department.

Some benefits of ISO 9001 certification in Manila include reducing workplace accidents, improving workplace safety, building customer trust, and strengthening your business. Moreover, you can gain competitive advantages and stimulate economic growth.

With more trade, competition is inevitable. Your company needs to excel to remain competitive. A more loyal customer base will propel your business success.

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