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GMP Certification In India

GMP Certification In India

GMP Certification in India One of the leading companies offering ISO certification is Factocert. We provide ISO Consultant services in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and other key areas at a cheaper cost.

One of the most significant GMP certification in India programmes available is Factocert, which offers third-party confirmation that fundamental production procedures and prerequisites are being followed by a successful Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety programme. The CODEX General Principles of Food Hygiene include Good Hygienic practices as a crucial component.

All participants in the food, ingredient, or pet food supply chains, from production and packaging through retail, logistics, and storage, may be required to hold a GMP certification in India.

What are the steps to get GMP Certification in India?

GMP Certification in India

Benefits of Indian GMP Certification in India

  • Implementing and receiving certification for GMP or GMP can benefit a facility, company, or organisation in the following ways: demonstrates that the organisation complies with local and national rules and guidelines as well as WHO or FDA guidelines.
  • Ensures that the Manufacturing and Logistics Chain complies with hygiene and cleanliness standards.
  • Design and operation, including management of procedures and objects connected to medical devices, IVD goods, drugs, pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics products, and food products.
  • Establishes the personnel’s technical (and other) competence.
  • Creates the organisation’s system for managing complaints and non-conformities, including any necessary reporting to regulatory organisations.
  • Cost reduction and resource utilisation at its highest level.
  • Proof of Products and Items of High Quality and Safety.
  • Respect for all national, international, and local laws.
  • Builds trust, rapport, and customer assurance.
  • Access to global markets.
  • The internal professional culture of the company.
  • 13. Reduction of complaints, penalties, returns of goods, reprocessing, rejections, non-conformities, and claims.

GMP Certification in  India  Requirements

  • The manufacturing facility’s design, equipment and machinery, operational procedures, and environmental conditions must all be under control.
  • Manufacturing practices and procedures, including health and safety, maintenance, etc., must be precisely specified, validated, and regulated to guarantee consistency and adherence to requirements.
  • The production, QA/QC, logistics, factory management, and product control of products during all stages of production should be carried out by knowledgeable, trained, and competent operators.
  • Records for manufacturing, quality control, and logistics should be kept, proving that all necessary actions outlined in the procedures and instructions have been taken.
  • Depending on the needs of the regulations, records should be kept for 5 to 10 years.
  • Keeping and setting up a mechanism for pulling any batch from supply or sale is necessary.

What is the process for GMP certification in India?

Following are the steps for GMP Certification in India-


The application asks for certain fundamental information about the business as it is the initial step towards gaining GMP certification in India. The certification authority must approve the application, and all information must be entered into or kept up to date in the GMP database.

Application Assessment

The panel will examine the application to ensure the consistency criterion has been satisfied.

Analysis and Agreement

To cover all the conditions and areas of the quality norms, act out the Gap Analysis after the document audit. The Gap Analysis assesses how efficiently tasks have been planned and carried out in an organization.

reviewing the written materials

Verify the organization’s documentation to make sure it complies with the compliance 


Stage 1: Perform an audit

Determine how consistent your organization has to be with its documented approach and strategies. Make a survey

Then, check the documentation for your administration structure to ensure that the consistency standards have been satisfied. Refreshing Exercises

Corrective measures are the responsibility of the difference. It has to be sent right away after non-compliance.Double-check

Check the establishment’s documents to ensure they comply with the requirements.

Stage 2: Carry out an audit

The inspector confirms that the organization is working by its documentation, the authoritative body’s examiner finds non-compliances, and finally, the reviewer gives the organization a chance to make the necessary corrections. Next, evaluate the execution strategy per the association’s report. Corrective Action

Remedial action must be taken if there is any deviation from the norm. Double-check

Before monitoring the execution process, your representatives will double-check the work instructions.

There is certification.

A compliance certificate issued by the Certification Body will be good for a long time.

Examining surveillance

A surveillance review is conducted to ensure the organization complies with the administrative framework’s criteria. After receiving the certificate, an observation evaluation must be completed every six months or annually.

How to get GMP Certification in India?

Factocert is one of the best and leading GMP consulting companies in India. Please email us at or visit our website at with your contact information so that one of our top GMP Certification consultants in India can contact you to understand your needs better and present the best solution.

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GMP audit services in India are essential because if you’re facing the GMP audit in India you have to be very careful about every parameter in your organization but when you join hands with Factocert. We as an GMP Consultancy Service provider in India, and tagged up with so many different ISO certification bodies in India.

Benefits of GMP Certification in India

GMP certification in India is one of the product certifications, which is well known internationally, and this was introduced to make trading more accessible and cheaper within the European countries.

GMP audit services in India give trust to your customers that it has met all the requirements of the standard, and the products are safe to use without any harm.

And GMP consultants services in India will give an assurance to your client’s products, which they are getting from your organization is reliable and achieve customer satisfaction.

In the case of exporting or importing your products, GMP consultancy services in India play a vital role.

If you are GMP certified organization, you can be sure that your products can meet all the legal requirements which are related to safety and hazards according to the EU directives.

GMP consulting services in India can be applied for all the products, whether it is a medical or non-medical device. The main aim of the standard is to provide safer products to the customers.

GMP certification bodies in India helps to increase the profit for your organization by gaining customer trust and by marketing the products throughout the European market as there are about 30 different countries involved in it.

GMP certification in India gives confidence to the manufacturers, exporters, importers, or any assemblers that the products are safe and can efficiently market the products to the end-users

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