HALAL Certification

Halal is nothing but a term from Quran which means lawful. When it comes to Islamic people, people who are following the Islamic law must obey some set of rules and regulations in order to keep their religious intact.

Countries where the Muslim population are more will certainly have restaurants and hotels with halal certification. According to Islamic law the meat can only be consumed if the animal is slaughtered with certain instructions.

This method is called as the permitted way to take the life of that animal. This procedure consists of the cleanliness, hygiene condition of the food be in a balanced mode. The Halal Meat is scientifically proven as a healthy meat to consume.

HALAL certification plays a major role in customer acquisition. Organisation where the halal certification is must and should made by many countries in middle each. Get a free quote on HALAL certification, just drop us an email at contact@factocert.com

Types of Halal certification

In this competitive world it is necessary to be the best one either in quality or any terms because everyone wants to eat a healthy and safe food and so everyone is aware of Halal concept.

And many industries which are involved in food production are in eager to certify their products. HALAL cost is affordable.

Restaurant scheme: Halal means lawful and it is a matter of faith for Muslim religion people and they consider this in high priority when it comes to their intake of food.  And the people always prefer to have the food which is hygienic, clean and tasty.

So, in order to gain trust by them it is necessary for the restaurants to get the halal certification which acts as a proof that the restaurants are following all the halal rules and regulations.

Industrial scheme: In case of Industries, Halal plays an important role; halal can be applied for the industries which are involved in beverages, foods cosmetics, health products, oil and other ingredients.

Because Halal certification provides a wide variety of opportunities for the manufacturers and the consumer would trust them on the quality of their products are safe to use.

Abattoir Scheme: The Islamic form of slaughtering   the animals, poultry or any other living beings has to be followed according to the rules which involves cutting the veins, artery and windpipe so that none of the animals would be harmed.

While slaughtering the animals they have to be healthy and alive and all the blood should be drained from the dead body only then it is considered to be halal.

Warehouse and storage scheme: Dead body of the animals after the slaughtering processes have to be stored very carefully because it should not be mixed with and non-Halal products so the necessary actions should be taken and this Halal standard helps you to achieve this.

Product endorsement schemes: It is one of the important step of the halal requirements, where after carrying out all the procedure starting from slaughtering of animals, storage and distribution the product has to be kept safe so the necessary steps would be followed if you are opting for halal certificate and this Halal certification supports the products to be safe and avoid all the harmfulness.

These are the different types of Halal certification which helps your organization in all these ways.

Benefits of HALAL Certification:

  • Usage of Halal logo can be utilised in many ways in order to attract the customers towards the business.
  • The population in the world consists of over 2 billion follows in Islamic law and will have a benefit to business to get the distribution.
  • The countries where the population of people who are following Islamic laws will have an enhanced market stability when the organisation is having HALAL certification.
  • It is scientifically agreed that the meat which is obtained by the slaughtering way of HALAL will have many hygiene factors. Improves the quality of food and attracts the customers.
  • Along with the organisation involved in food industry, the organisation having the manufacturing units also seek for Halal certifications. The animal oils that are extracted in order to manufacture many Cosmetic products must be obtained by the HALAL meat.

Why Choose Factocert for HALAL Certification?

  • Factocert has a vast experience in halal certification and our experience Consultants know the exact way to get you certified in a simpler and more convenient manner keeping the cost factor within in the budget.
  • Our Global presence makes it easier to certify your organization irrespective of the country you are based out in, since we have physical presence in most countries it helps us to meet you personally and provide the exact solution you are looking for. HALAL consultant is highly suggested.
  • Factocert has a striking hundred percent customer success rate when it comes to Halal certification. And our customers like the quick response of ours when they raise any queries. Our 24/7 online support makes us more trustworthy and dealing with problems becomes much simpler to our clients. Visit factocert.com
  • Our Consulting techniques makes sure that no customer will have hiccups in the certification audit as we take care about each and every minute thing which goes into getting your organization certified for Halal. Each and every regulation set by the authorities have been understood and shall be communicated with your organization by our consultants.
  • We are proud to announce that every existing customer of Factocert comes back to us with more such requirements and we have retained every single customer till date, and are very happy to serve them again and again.
  • Our relationship with customer does not end once we get them certified, in fact that is when our relationship starts and continuous beyond just business.
  • We look forward to serve you as early as possible, so get in touch with us to get your organization certified for halal in any country on this planet.

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