CE Mark stands as an indicator for the European Union

CE Marking stands as an indicator for the European Union to serve the purpose of the distribution products. It is a certification that is obtained by the manufacturer and distribution organizations to get access inside the Marketplace of European countries. CE marking suggests the conformity to health, safety, and environmental protection according to the standards that are derived by the European Economic Area EEA. The products which are having the have affixation of CE Mark certification declare that the product has met with the requirements of EC derivatives. Any product that has the Affixation of CE marking is identified as the right product to get the distribution inside the Marketplace of Europe countries. Marking define as the mandatory conformity that the product must obtain by the European Union in the form of fixation of two letters CE marking. It was made compulsory in the year 1985 with legislation law according to European economic Area EEA. One product fulfills the requirement of the European Union directives. The product will get the affixation of CE Mark registration, and the manufacturer will have the legal rights of obtaining the market place in European countries. The CE marking will differ based on the types of products according to European harmonized standards. The manufacturer must ensure the product must reach all the requirements according to the EC directives.

It is the sole responsibility to obtain the CE marking on the products to get access to the European market. CE marking will hello the product to have a distribution over 27 countries, harmonized standards applicability on each product will have the advantages over other products, safe and reliable quality on the products, CE marking provides a worldwide promotion on products. With the help of a CE Mark certification consultant.

How to obtain CE mark certification

If you want your product to be CE certified by the reputed certifying body, then you have to follow specific steps:

EU directive has to be determined which apply to your product

  • The primary concern is to determine the regulations and instructions that apply to your product, and while doing this, you also should focus on:
  • Should consider the scope of regulations or directives which are irrelevant.
  • Exclusions must consider in most regulations or directives.
  • Refer to others and take advice from them for better knowledge.

Check whether the products meet the specific requirements

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to make sure that the product meets all the EU legislation requirements. If more than one directive (harmonized standards) is applicable for your product and follows in the production process, then they are presumed to conform with the relevant EU requirements. Wondering how to get CE Mark certification!

Product testing has to conduct

If the manufacturer doesn’t want to verify the products by the external body, then it is their responsibility to check whether it meets with the technical requirements. And this includes documentation and estimation of the risk while using the product.

A technical report has to document

The technical documents records have to be collected to prove that your products meet with all the technical requirements according to the EU legislation.

Affix CE mark logo and declaration of conformity has to draft

After conducting all this process finally, the product has to be attested by the emblem of the CE mark. And the logo must be visible, readable and it should be unerasable. And the declaration of conformity has to be drafted by the respective organization to state their products meet all the legal requirements.

All these procedures can make more accessible when you appoint a consulting body who are subject and sector experts who help you to get the CE certification quickly.

Characteristics of CE marking:

• The CE marking on affixed on a product ensures that the product is valid & conforms to health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products.

• CE marking affixed on a product indicated that the product could place in the market without any restrictions.

• The CE marking shall be attached according to its legal format visibly, legibly and indelibly to the product by manufacturers or its authorized representatives in the European Union.

• The CE marking attached to a product should be well according to the size and characters as defined by the authorization requirements.

• If the CE mark is not able to be attached to the product itself due to the aesthetics or design, it shall attach to the packaging or supporting documents.

• A product affixed with CE marking indicates that the manufacturer takes responsibility for the conformity of the product with all the requirements of community harmonization legislation.

• The manufacturer should ensure the correct procedure for CE marking to the product conforms to all the relevant/applicable requirements.

Above are the brief characteristics of the CE mark. To understand the same in detail, please contact Factocert and get in touch with CE mark consulting experts.

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