Why need ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia?
ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia

Why need ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia?

ISO 27001 certification in Ethiopia, is an internationally recognized standard that gives the most comprehensive information on security management, for example, confidentiality, security of data, and the security of your personal information. Certain information is extremely sensitive, such as the login to a credit card as well social security numbers as well as banking information.

Why need ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia?

ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia is offered by Factocert, the leading global consultant and certified solutions supplier. ISO 27001 Standard is applicable to all kinds of companies regardless of size, type, or location, including healthcare, trading manufacturing, service, and other firms in Ethiopia. 

Factocert provides ISO 27001 consulting and certification services to all the major cities of Ethiopia such as Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, and many more.

When you achieve ISO 27001 certification in Ethiopia, it is possible to demonstrate that you’ve implemented procedures, processes, technology (e.g. tools and techniques) as well as people to secure your information. An independent expert will determine if your data is adequately secured.

When you earn certification from an accredited certification organization, you’ll be able to show consumers or investors as well as other interested parties that your organization is taking care of information security following the best practices of international standards.

Compliance with ISO 27001 is becoming increasingly essential as regulations (such as GDPR HIPAA as well as CCPA) place pressure on companies to safeguard personal and consumer information.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining an ISO 27001 certification in Ethiopia?

Be sure to follow the guidelines of ISO 27001 Standard

  • Meet the customers and statutory requirements.
  • Maintain documentation

The process to get ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia?

It is the Process to get ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia. It is simple to complete, quicker, and cost-effective. The certification process is the most simplified method.

Stage 1

The auditor will go through the documentation you have provided to confirm that the ISMS was developed following the ISO 27001 Standard. It will be required to show evidence of all crucial ISMS aspects.

Stage 2

Once you’ve completed the first stage The auditor will then perform a more thorough evaluation. This involves analyzing the specific activities that contribute to the improvement of your ISMS. In an investigation on-site the auditor will study the policies and procedures of your organization in more depth and examine how the ISMS are implemented in the real world. Auditors will interview the key employees to ensure that the activities are carried out following the requirements in ISO 27001. 

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification in Ethiopia

It is comprised of scopes to create the foundation for a better management system regardless of whether the company has an MNC status or a new company.

  • ISO 27001 guides various aspects which assist the business in creating and implementing an operating system that has the most secure security management system for information.
  •  The company will improve its visibility as a brand.
  • This certification improves the efficiency of operations in a production setting.
  •  By obtaining ISO 27001 certification, your company can participate in international and national tenders.
Why should you choose Factocert to obtain ISO 27001 certification in Ethiopia?

Factocert has been an ISO consultant who is widely recognized and provides the most reliable ISO certification in Ethiopia at a low cost by using the most straightforward procedure. Factocert consultants have the expertise. They’re the single-stop solution to all of your certification issues. Visit www.factocert.com and contact@factocert.com for more information.

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