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ISO Certification in Iraq ISO Certification

Why ISO Certification is required in Iraq


ISO certification in Iraq was the cradle of civilization in ancient times as humankind learned to read, write and communicate between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Its oil reserves make it a dominant sector of the economy. Iraq has been witnessing the adverse effect of terrorism and has lost most of its image for ease of business, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. The nation lost free trade and foreign investment during the 20th century. With the fall of Saddam Hussein’s leadership, foreign investment has increased. Infrastructure, water resources, oil, and natural gas are the prominent economic sectors contributing towards GDP. With the conflict in the background and disturbing its citizens’ peaceful lives, Iraq could not utilize its full potential. It’s now time for Iraq to step up to the standards. ISO certification in Iraq provides better opportunities to advance their careers and to use their full potential. Many light manufacturing industries in various parts of Iraq, mainly near Jordan, are enhancing their exports by using ISO certification in Iraq. As the country moves toward stability with international aid, light manufacturing has managed to maintain a slight increase in exports, but oil revenues still dominate the economy. The nation has now stepped into infrastructure, and several international companies are interested in the upcoming project to renew Iraq’s infrastructure. Many companies from the USA and UK have invested in infrastructure and ISO 45001 certifications in Iraq. These certifications have played a significant role in the health and safety of the workforce and have made them aware of the work process. ISO 9001 certification in Iraq would improve awareness and customer satisfaction, starting with implementing management systems in the organization. CertPro offers the best solution at the best price in Iraq with the idea of customizing the implementation with minimal costs.



The most dominant and significant contributor to the economy of Iraq for ages has been the oil and natural gas sector. However, it must still employ human resources, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. Amid the conflict, Iraq exports billions of oil to various neighboring nations. Due to sanctions against terrorist organizations, the demand for crude oil from the region has dropped. Iraq has the fourth largest proven oil reserve, with exports amounting to 4 million barrels daily, of which 93% is exported. This has contributed significantly towards the economy, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. ISO 45001 and ISO 29001 certifications in Iraq have witnessed upward growth. The certifications have added value to many operational aspects of the organization, hence ISO Certification in Iraq. The ISO 9001 certification in Iraq has led to a better understanding of customer requirements and a focus on delivering exact requirements. Iraq still holds significant potential in utilizing this sector to boost the other sectors of the economy and improve the overall product outputs in the Iraqi market.


Iraq has highly fertile soil due to its Tigris and Euphrates river basins. These fields have been less utilized due to conflicts. Iraq’s food processing industries have gained momentum due to the agricultural industry revival. This minor sector contributes only 3% towards GDP and can be improved to very high levels. Many food processing units use ISO 22000 in Iraq certifications to meet international standards. FSSC 22000 in Iraq is gaining more importance due to the European market’s interest. There have been many food industries in Iraq that have also expanded into international markets as a result of HACCP. Agriculture can also include fisheries, forestry, and other small sectors contributing to the economy, hence ISO Certification in Iraq.


The country has significant potential, but recent turmoil due to terrorism has resulted in chaos. Due to the international community’s intervention, Iraq has been able to revive its industries, resulting in ISO certification. Hence, ISO Certification in Iraq would play a prominent role in establishing management systems in the country and attracting foreign investors. Certifications of ISO 9001 in Iraq would benefit the business class by ensuring the basic implementation of quality and its understanding among all workers. In Iraq, ISO 27001 certifications can open up the service sector with digitalization as a new sector to work in and safeguard information. A world-class ISO 22000 certification in Iraq would benefit all sectors involved in sound processing and manufacturing (food). It would enhance the global reach of the products. ISO 41001 certification in Iraq is the need of the hour because of infrastructure developments in the region. ISO 45001 certification in Iraq would help in various business sectors due to its specific addressing of health and safety. Providing ISO certification consulting in Iraq with implementation, certification, training, and documentation is what CertPro does.

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