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Why ISO 27001 important In Philippines

About ISO 27001 in Philippines:

Data is one of the most valuable assets any business has now. Our dependence on information technologies and solutions means businesses are more vulnerable to security threats than ever before. Keeping your data secure — whether it’s client, staff, or supplier data — is critical in most companies, but most notably those dealing with sensitive data. Data protection is a hot issue in the media so ISO 27001 in Philippines not only protects your company against hackers but also safeguards your reputation.

ISO 27001 in Philippines lays out the requirements of information security management systems. It’s part of their ISO 27000 family of standards regarding cyber and information security and offers a detailed set of controls, based on best practices in data security.

Comparable to the other management criteria, it is suitable for businesses of all sizes. 70% of small businesses think they’re not a goal for any data theft or misuse; it’s a problem for either larger companies or just those from the financial industry — that is not really true.

Any business holding data on individuals or businesses can be a target for fraud, theft, misuse, or abuse, causing a long-lasting loss of standing and if a company’s systems are found negligent at keeping information safe, then it could lead to prosecution.

Every company believes they have insurance to cover eventualities such as fraud and theft, but they don’t realize that they also owe a duty of care which if not exercised can result in almost any insurance claim being diminished.

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