Why ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya is best, and most important aspects of ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya?
ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya

Why ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya, and most important aspects of ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya?

ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya is an internationally accepted standard that blends an ISO 9001 method of food safety management with HACCP to ensure the safety of Food at all levels. The standard outlines the steps an organization must take to demonstrate its capability to monitor risks to safety and ensure that food products are safe.

The safety of the Food we eat is a major global problem worldwide. It is defined as the fact that there is a reasonable guarantee that injury or illness is not a be caused by food intake. Therefore, we have certified the vast majority of ISO 22000 categories worldwide.

Food Safety Management System Standard (FSMS) utilizes the process method, which integrates the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking.

The process model helps an organization plan its processes and how they work together.

The PDCA cycle allows companies to ensure that their processes are properly planned and managed and that potential improvements are recognized, identified, and pursued.

Risk-based thinking allows an organization to identify the reasons that might trigger its procedures and FSMS to diverge from expected results and establish controls to minimize or prevent adverse impacts.

Why is ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya important?

As an integral part of three fundamental needs of survival, Food is a vital element in the lives of every living thing, particularly humans. Therefore, they require Food in its best form possible to get the essential nutrients. But, the contemporary food industry has been prone to defy all rules. This is why individuals suffer from undernutrition. 

Therefore, to ensure that we have good food quality from farm to the fork, ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya comes into the picture! It’s a set of strict guidelines that businesses must adhere to, whether willingly or not. The certification allows them to identify the risks and adopt precautionary or remedial steps to ensure they are safe for human consumption.

What’s with the changes that have been made to ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya, as per the latest version, ISO 22000:2018?

  • The latest version of ISO 22000 follows a high-level structure similar to other ISO management system standards.
  • Offers a different way to understand the risk.
  • Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle that covers the management system as well as the fundamentals of HACCP
  • Clarifying important terms such as critical control points (CCP) and pre-requisite programs (PRPs).

Most Important Aspects of ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya:

To be precise, the likelihood of getting a Food safety Certification depends on several key elements that comprise the following:

  • Involvement of the management team
  • Communication
  • The HACCP principles
  • System management

Most of these essential elements are interconnected, and any business that wishes to obtain the certificate must complete the required requirements at all costs. To be precise, obtaining certification is based on the complexity of these components.

What are the key elements in ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya?

It is the ISO 22000 checklist is a checklist that covers all the important elements necessary for certifying an organization. Additionally, it could be stated that internal audits are conducted to verify the Foodborne risks and the hygiene of the company and to ensure that the company adheres to the standards of the ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya (food safety management system).

  • The ISO 22000 certification in Kenya checklist requires clause-wise standards from every department.
  • This checklist can determine how the food safety and management (FSMS) system has been put in place within any company.
  • To be accredited, every organization must satisfy the requirement of ISO 22000 on both department and clause-wise standards.

ISO 22000 audit checklist Department-wise

  • Top Managements
  • Training
  • Control of quality
  • Food security( the team’s leader)
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Dispatching and packing
  • Sanitation and housekeeping
  • Purchase
  • Stores department (raw materials).

Basic Principles of ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya:

In addition to the basic elements, ISO 22000 Certificates also contain other essential principles for implementing all ISO management system guidelines. These are the following principles:

  • Client focus
  • Control and direction
  • Appointment of persons
  • Procedure method
  • Enhancement
  • Composite decision-making
  • Association administration

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya:

  • Updated health and safety practices
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Meeting supervisory necessities
  • Conforming to other requirements and standards
  • Transparency improved
  • Response to risk upgrades
  • Reduced time to investigate
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Business opportunities that are enhanced

To obtain food safety certifications, companies or organizations involved in the food industry must be aware of each step to be conducted. Therefore, completing these procedures is essential, which is why knowing the relevant requirements is essential.

Why do you have to select Factocert Consultants Company for ISO 22000 certification in Kenya?

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