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13 Reasons Why ISO 14001 Certification in Jordan is Important

ISO 14001 Certification in Jordan is an internationally-recognized certification that provides companies with the ability to execute their environmental management system in a precise and efficient manner, preventing any accidents and producing less waste material than their competitors. 

Jordan has strict environmental laws that regulate waste management, and the kinds of chemicals that can be used in industry.

What is ISO 14001 Certification?

  • ISO 14001 Certification is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems (EMS)
  • Developed by ISO, a worldwide standards organization with more than 22,000 members from 100 countries around the world. 
  • When you become certified to ISO 14001, your company demonstrates that it has been internally audited and found compliant with over 170 requirements on topics ranging from waste management to product design and employee training. 
  • Demonstrating environmental responsibility can help attract more customers to your business. And as Jordan’s regulations are continually updated and expanded for businesses located within its borders, companies will want to look into becoming ISO certified sooner rather than later.

How will this certification help you?

  • Jordan is a country that relies heavily on its natural resources, and environmental protection issues are paramount to its economic development.
  •  The ISO 14001 Certification in Jordan will help with the environmental management system, while also encouraging companies to invest further in environmental protection efforts. 
  • As part of an Environmental Management System, ISO standards require thorough documentation. 
  • A well-documented EHS program can help a company build credibility with customers and investors, provide evidence of good housekeeping practices, and promote a safe workplace for employees. 
  • Once you have an understanding of your potential customers’ and investors’ perspectives on these issues, you can decide if it makes sense to pursue ISO 14001 certification in Jordan for your business.

Who can benefit from it?

  • ISO 14001 certification in Jordan can be beneficial to any company operating in Jordan.
  •  This includes not only big multinational companies but also small enterprises because compliance with ISO standards offers competitive advantages and promotes business success. 
  • It’s an international standard that sets out what a business needs to do to minimize its impact on people and places by implementing an effective environmental management system (EMS). 
  • An EMS helps a company identify, analyze, and manage potential environmental impacts associated with its products or services. 
  • A company can reduce waste, increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, reduce risks of legal penalties/sanctions/complaints & complaints from employees/customers etc. 
  • It leads to increased profits as well as increased recognition from stakeholders which may lead to financial rewards for shareholders through stock price appreciation etc.

The importance of ISO 14001 Certification in Jordan:

  • Being environmentally responsible not only means protecting wildlife and wildlife habitats but also preserving nature’s resources for future generations. 
  • The business world has evolved to recognize that it has a responsibility to protect and improve environmental conditions. 
  • Today, many corporations and governments have realized that cleaner production processes can result in:
  • reduced costs, 
  • fewer incidents of pollution, 
  • greater efficiency, 
  • better employee health and morale, 
  • better product quality/reliability 
  • enhanced global competitiveness and
  •  increased profitability. 
  • All of these benefits translate into improved sustainability for all stakeholders (businesses/governments/communities) involved with environmentally conscious businesses.
  • Waste, recycling, and consumption costs may all be reduced.
  • When competing for business, you have an advantage over your competition.
  • Environmental risk management
  • Compliance with environmental rules in specific nations
  • Demonstrates your dedication to environmental improvement
  • It demonstrates that you are a responsible, future-oriented organization.
  • Insurance coverage expenses can be reduced.
  • Employee engagement may be increased by knowing they are working in an ecologically sustainable organization.

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