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Importance of ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan

Why is ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan important?

ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan is the essential thing you need to ensure that the employees working in your company are safe and won’t have any accidents while at work. 

Their safety must be one of your top priorities, so this type of certification can help you ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees. Here are some reasons why it’s essential to have the Certification.

What is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)?

  • OHS refers to actions that seek to protect workers from physical and mental health risks associated with working conditions. 
  • The goal is to ensure safety, health, and welfare at work, including protecting workers from exposure to hazards. 
  • Multiple conventions have recognized OHS as a fundamental human right. It is distinct from occupational health, which refers to managing workplace factors that changes in policy or practice can control. 
  • OHS includes all aspects of workplace organization, conditions, employment relationships, work environment controls and worker attitudes. 
  • This requirement features significant protection for workers against occupational injury (including disease), medical surveillance and workplace hazard exposures.

How Can Jordan Adopt ISO 45001 Certification to Ensure Safe Workplaces?

  • The ISO 45001 Certification or Occupational Health and Safety at Work Act defines a safe work environment as a condition that exists when employees working within a workplace are protected against risks to their health, safety and welfare by working under safe and without risk to themselves or others. 
  • It offers guidance on creating, managing, maintaining, and continually improving an occupational health and safety management system. 
  • It means that businesses can utilize what’s described in the Certification to keep employees healthy and eliminate workplace injuries and accidents. Companies wanting to reduce their cost for health insurance coverage should consider implementing ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan

  • ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan is essential for several reasons:
  • It serves as an audit tool and helps organizations prove their occupational health and safety programs are up to scratch.
  •  It also provides an opportunity to learn more about your workplace’s current operations.
  •  Additionally, ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan can be used to benchmark how well you’re executing your occupational health and safety procedures compared to other companies operating in similar industries. 
  • These benefits are why businesses must operate under ISO 45001 Certification in Jordan, primarily when operating within a foreign market. 

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