Why is ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya the best required standard for the ISO Certification?
ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya

Why is ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya the most required standard for the ISO Certification?

Acquiring ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya serves as a competitive advantage. In addition, the certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to continuous improvement, development, and security of information-sensitive information by implementing appropriate risk assessments, policies, and controls. This article will outline what ISO 27001 is certified, the benefits, and the steps that could be expected.

An ISO 27001 Certified organization is marketing to the world that they’re trusted, is implementing the Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is by the provisions of Clause 4.4 in the Standard, and has proven compliance with an external auditor or independent ISO certified body like, e.g., UKAS.

Why Is ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya Important?

As we progress towards the future of technology, the need to protect data becomes more evident to businesses. Ensuring that your company has an adequate set of security standards and safeguards means you comply with customer, supplier, and regulatory requirements for data security. Additionally, you’ll build trust among those who are the most important in your ability to reduce security threats to information.

When you implement your information security control system, you will have to assess the risks to your security by conducting a series of risk evaluations to determine areas where you could improve to strengthen your measures to protect your data. Furthermore, our certification audits are designed to verify the effectiveness of these security measures to safeguard your data assets and ensure that your business is adhering to the highest standards of security measures to protect your information.

Why you need ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya

ISO 27001 certification in Kenya applies to any company that would like or is obliged to improve and formalize procedures for privacy, security, and protection of its information assets.

The turnover or size of the company is not the sole determinant to have ISO 27001 of an organization, and even the smallest businesses might have influential customers and other critical stakeholders like investors, who want the inherent security that UKAS ISO 27001 certification offers.

With ISO 27001 certification, Your company can prove that its processes, people, instruments, tools, and systems follow a recognized framework. Imagine a world with no financial reporting or health and safety that is not based on standards. Security of information is further behind in terms of certification and auditing perspectives of independent auditors. 

However, with the speed of change speeding up for nearly everything, more innovative companies are advancing in their internal processes, especially their supply chains. This means that you can see ISO 27001 certification in Kenya from two perspectives:

1. As a buyer, you want to be sure that your suppliers have been certified to minimize the risks to your business and take advantage of potential opportunities, e.g., that they can provide more uniform, higher standards as well as lower costs and risk of work that you are faced with from suppliers.

2. Your customers are becoming more sophisticated. They want you to ensure that your supply chain is adequately protected. The most influential customers require ISO 27001 certification and transfer the risk management process to the supply chain. Many other benefits come with it, not to mention all the additional profits you’ll earn by being recognized as a certified company by ISO 27001 versus laggards who do not. For instance, well-informed employees are more likely to choose reliable companies. When insurers are catching up to more efficient working methods, it will also result in lower costs for companies that have independently-certified ISO 27001 Information Management System.

Advantages of ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya

  • Secure the reputation, brand, and IP of your company
  • Get more business from existing and new customers
  • Reduce the price of the sale
  • Retain more business
  • The improved process that leads to time and cost savings
  • Avoid penalties for regulatory violations (such as the GDPR)
  • Prevent civil lawsuits due to a breach of data
  • Prevent the costs of remedial actions that result from breaches or incidents
  • Attract better staff

What does it cost to become ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya?

ISO 27001 certification in Kenya costs for companies are based on numerous factors, and therefore each business must come up with an entirely different budget. The cost of implementation and the certification that comes with the ISMS will be contingent on the complexity and size of the ISMS scope, which differs from one organization to another. The price will also be contingent on the local cost of the different solutions you’ll use to implement the system.

The principal cost is directly related with:

  • Training and books
  • External assistance
  • technologies to be implemented/updated
  • Time and effort put into by employees
  • The audit of certification

Why choose Factocert Consultant Company to get ISO 27001 Certification in Kenya

Factocert is a reputable ISO 27001 certification consultant in Kenya and is a reliable firm. We offer the best requirements in ISO certification and CE Mark certification. HALAL Certification, HACCP certificate, auditing education, and HALAL certification. We also have alternatives for Kenyan cities, such as Hanoi, Mombasa Kisumu, and Kakamega. For more contact@factocert.com.

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