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BIFMA Certification in Netherlands

Why BIFMA Certification in Netherlands Required?

BIFMA Certification in Netherlands is dedicated to guiding, designing, developing, promoting, advising and creating models for the office and institutional furniture industry. The reliability and durability of office furniture keeps offices running.

BIFMA stands for  Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer Associations, formed in 1973.

It is a non-profit corporation shaped to create voluntary requirements that sell secure operating environments. BIFMA produces requirements that specially observe institutional and commercial enterprise furniture and additionally lobbies for law with a view to keep workplace furnitures more secure for employees and consumers.

BIFMA establishes certain furniture mark on the specific scale such as

  • used materials : the material quality used in manufacturing the office furniture will matter to get Level 3 BIFMA Certification in Netherlands
  • Quality measures taken : The quality measures taken by the Manufacturer in Manufacturing the furniture will be taken into consideration higher the quality higher will be the certification level
  • Human and Ecosystem Health : Manufacturer should also consider the environment surroundings he should take all the safety measures in manufacturing the furnitures
  • Social Responsibility : manufacturers should also do CSR activities.

On this conditions the manufacturer receives the level  which includes 

  • Level 1 Certification
  • Level-2 Certification
  • Level-3 Certification.

Importance of BIFMA Certification in Netherlands :  

BIFMA certified furnitures will insures the safety and quality measures that furniture has undergone which acts as assurance for the safety working environment 

  • Ensures the durability and quality of the product for many years.
  • Promote a friendly environment.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Decreases office injuries
  • Internationally approved
  • Mandates continuous monitoring.

Benefits of holding BIFMA Certification in Netherlands

  • BIFMA Certification in Netherlands benefits an association in ways other than security.
  • Organisations consider BIFMA Certification to be cost-effective.
  • BIFMA Conformance: Exceeds the minimum value guidelines
  • BIFMA requirements ensure that the furniture will not fall woefully short.
  • Confirming the quality
  • Obtain international approval
  • Provide value-added outcome.
  • Driving autonomous statistical surveying organization Businesses frequently want verification that the Certificate they have obtained is from an Accredited Body.

BIFMA Certification in Netherlands Requirements

To comply with BIFMA Certification in Netherlands, tested industry furniture must meet certain basic specifications.

  • The goal of evaluating products under the BIFMA Standards.
  • Ensure successful Standard compliance
  • Product testing is being carried out.
  • Ensure that materials are used efficiently
  • Energy use and environmental concerns
  • Furniture with appropriate chemical components
  • Ensure facility operations and maintenance.
  • Create Product Conformance documentation.
  • Carry out an internal audit.

How to apply  BIFMA Certification to your business?

BIFMA A register of BIFMA-compliant furniture products. In the Netherlands, certification for safety and durability criteria is “compliant.” Compliance clarifies the market by distinguishing between outcomes that adhere to agreed industry norms. Manufacturers from all over the world are invited to participate.

BIFMA Certification in the Netherlands seeks to help all clients feel secure about their purchases by providing various solutions on the market today and recognizing that people and businesses are now equipping home office environments. A registry is a tool that assists buyers and specifiers in quickly locating high-quality goods that meet durability and safety standards.

Why BIFMA standards are important to office interior design:

This standard is significant for office and institutional furniture, which significantly improves the occupants’ health and safety in your building. BIFMA testing evaluates office equipment from an ecological standpoint, including resource allocation and biochemical off-gassing, the impact of products and industrial practices on the environment, and even social accountability.

How to get BIFMA Certification in Netherlands?

Contact us at contact@factocert.com or through our website www.Factocert.com if you need assistance putting this BIFMA Certification management system into operation or have questions about how to get BIFMA Certification in Netherlands so that our consulting professionals can give you a project plan that will work.
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