What is ISO Certification in Kenya and 4 steps to get ISO Certification in Kenya?
ISO Certification in Kenya

What is ISO Certification in Kenya and 4 steps to get ISO Certification in Kenya?

ISO is an independent, international non-profit and non-government organization. ISO in its full form is “International Organization for Standardization”. ISO develops standards and publications and is comprised of standardization institutes from different nations across the globe.

ISO Certification in Kenya is among the most favored choices made by any business that provides huge benefits. ISO certified products or processes are secure and reliable. They are also of excellent quality. The international organization for standardization assists organizations of all sectors or sizes. It also reduces costs by boosting productivity. ISO Certification in Kenya is an international body that aims to ensure standardization across organizations or a range of products. The principal goal of the International standardization organization is to encourage and facilitate trade activities. It also concentrates on process improvement as well as safety, quality and in a wide range of companies.

Procedure to getting ISO Certified in 4 steps

1. Application Submission

Once you have selected the appropriate ISO Standard, You need to submit your application with the required information. Factocert will send you a complete estimate of ISO Certification in Kenya. You must review the quotation and then begin your ISO Certification Project with Factocert.

2. Implementation of ISO System

Our Consultants will create the implementation plan based upon our Gap analysis. We will also assist you in the preparation of all the ISO Documents required according to what you want to be in the Standard. We’ll conduct an audit internal within your company to verify the efficacy of the new system.

3. ISO Certification Body Audit

We’ll organize a certification Audit through the Certification Body. Certification Body will conduct the audit in stages to ensure the proper implementation of ISO Standard.

a. Stage 1 Audit:

Auditors from Certification are going to examine the documented system as a component of Stage 1 ISO Certification Audit. The process can be conducted online or in-person based on the needs.

b. Stage 2 Audit:

After the initial review, an Auditor of the Certification Body will visit the company to evaluate the implementation of the system. If all specifications are in line with the Standards the ISO Certificate will be granted to you. If you are not satisfied, let you eliminate non-conformities by conducting an audit once more.

4. Surveillance Audits

Monitoring Audit is carried out at intervals basically to verify the ISO standard of quality is kept by the organization.

ISO Certification Benefits in Kenya

The advantages of ISO Certification in Kenya are multiple. It is a fact that clients are more likely to reach out to an organization if it has an ISO logo for the promotion of its goods or services. Below are a few advantages of ISO Certification in Kenya

  • Potential for profit growth as well as Market share.
  • The company could increase its visibility as a brand by demonstrating to customers that its services and products satisfy their expectations.
  • To be eligible to apply to Government as well as International Tenders.
  • It assists in improving the efficiency of the production process.
  • It can help you take your product and services to markets outside of the United States.

How to select the best consulting firm in Kenya

It is crucial to be aware of what the law says and demands. Therefore, it is recommended to select a consulting firm with experts in the field who make certain that work is straightforward. Factocert is a consultancy firm that is committed to its clients to be 100% satisfied by offering the highest quality services by standards. Standard requirements. The experts at Factocert have extensive experience with implementing ISO standards for the business and offer an all-in-one solution for any company that is facing issues. When you’re looking to establish an ISO standard, choose Factocert Consulting firm which makes the process much simpler and is more reliable. For more info visit: www.factocert.com or contact@factocert.com

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