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What is ISO 9001certification? Importance of 9001 certifications for companies in Saudi Arabia

ISO 9001, also popularly known as a Quality Management System, is used in most companies and businesses. A part of the ISO 9000 family plays a crucial role in balancing the company’s performance, keeping in mind customer protection. It increases the sustainability of the business in the company.

There are mainly seven principles of quality management:

  • People Engagement:  Working towards getting ISO 9001 certification can make people more productive.
  • Relationship management: Getting ISO 9001 certification can help maintain a trustworthy relationship with the suppliers.
  • Process approach:The companies can follow the Plan-Do-Check -act cycle, which is essential to get ISO certified
  • Improvement: Helps in the overall growth of the company by maintaining the quality standards
  • Decision making based On evidence: Actions can be taken more quickly based on the evidence to avoid risks.
  • Leadership: Can make the company more responsible in ensuring quality execution of products or services.
  • Customer focus: Satisfying the customers by paying keen attention to their requirements.

Importance of certifying a company with ISO 9001 essential in Saudi Arabia

  • Helps improve the number of supply chains for the company: The suppliers are constantly looking for businesses with the quality mark to reach out to, and getting ISO 9001 certified is the best road map for them to reach you.
  • Helps in time management and decision making: Helps in managing time by making early detection and identification of any issues or problems with the Quality Management system certification. It also helps in bringing out solutions to avoid such problems in the future.
  • Improves culture of the organization/company: Helps in improving the culture of the higher authorities of the company by maintaining a systematic approach in identifying new opportunities and exploiting them.
  • Cost savings: With better process integration by examing the process interactions, the company, with the help of ISO 9001 certification, can make improvements efficiently, leading to fewer errors and more cost savings.
  • Increases the revenue: By maintaining the ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia quality standards, there are more chances of getting more tenders and contracts, increasing the company’s revenue.
  • Customer Satisfaction: An increase in efficiency aids in customer satisfaction and also retention as it builds confidence within the customers in the company’s ability to deliver the products or services.
  • Benefits the employees of the company: Communicating with the employees to work towards one agenda by involving them can make them more productive.

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