What is ISO 45001 Certification in Vietnam? and its benefits
iso 45001 certification in vietnam

What is ISO 45001 Certification in Vietnam? and its benefits

ISO 45001 Certification in Vietnam is the international occupational health and safety standard in the world. It is designed to protect workers and visitors from accidents at work and illnesses. ISO 45001 certification was developed to protect against any risks which could cause employees or businesses irreparable damage. Its standards stem from the enormous effort put forth by an advisory committee of health and safety management experts who analyzed system management methods, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Additionally, ISO 45001 was designed to incorporate other workplace health and safety regulations, including OHSAS 18001, into consideration — and the ILO’s labor, conventions, and safety standards.

ISO 45001 — The Basics:

ISO 45001 is the successor for OHSAS 18001, the international ISO norm used for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS).

The standard has not only overtaken OHSAS 18001, but it also makes the integration of other management systems more straightforward than ever before. Because it is based on the common structure as defined by Annex SL, it is directly aligned with the 2015 editions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

What is the reason ISO 45001 is good for your company?

ISO 45001 is designed to reduce the risk of injury at work and ill-health and provides secure and healthy workplaces.

ISO 45001 crosses geographic, commercial, political, economic, and social borders to become an internationally recognized standard. It is a standard to manage workplace health and safety. If your company is international in its operations, You can adhere to a standard that will simplify your operations.

The benefits of ISO 45001 Certification in Vietnam

  • Lower operating costs
  • Better stakeholder relations
  • Legal compliance
  • Improved risk management
  • Proven business credentials
  • Satisfaction of customers and security
  • Get more clients with SSIP.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Key features of the ISO 45001 Certification in Vietnam:

While ISO 45001 constitutes a fully new standard, its underlying principles are already in place and are defined within OHSAS 18001. Businesses that have already established the occupational safety and health management program based on OHSAS 18001 and use it in their daily practices can anticipate an easy shift towards ISO 45001.

Key improvements:

  • ISO 45001 Certification in Vietnam implements the “high-level structure” and gives it a common framework different management frameworks, like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • ISO 45001 places great emphasis on the responsibility of the senior management. This is already included in the updated ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
  • ISO 45001 explicitly includes persons who are not permanently employed but are in other ways working under the responsibility of the organization/company, such as subcontractors and processes that have been outsourced in their entirety. This way, it also incorporates the elements of the SCC certification.
  • It also defines “opportunities” in a novel occupational safety and health aspect. This goes beyond the simple removal or reduction of OHS hazards and risks.

Find out more about the ISO 45001 requirements on the ISO website.

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Five simple steps to obtain ISO 45001 certification for Vietnam:
  • Gap Analysis
  • Awareness Training
  • Document Support
  • Internal Audit & MRM
  • Final Audit

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