What is ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland, and How does ISO 22000:2018 work?
ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland

What is ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland, and How does ISO 22000:2018 work?

ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland covers all the processes in the food chain that contribute to food safety. This standard specifies the requirements for a comprehensive food safety management system and incorporates the elements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

By harmonizing national standards into one simple and easy-to-understand set of requirements, ISO 22000:2018 creates a single food safety standard recognized worldwide. From agriculture to food services, processing, transportation and storage, and packaging to retail, all organizations in the food supply chain will be able to use this internationally recognized food safety standard.

How does ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland work?

A Food Safety Management System is required by ISO 22000. Your facility will be fully equipped with a documented system that includes:

  • To ensure a clean, sanitary environment, effective Prerequisite Programs are in place.
  • A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan were developed to identify, prevent, and eliminate food safety hazards.
  • Manage food safety throughout your organization – from management and business planning to day-to-day communication and operations that affect food safety.

ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland from Factocert is a good investment?

Our experienced, trained, and competent auditors will assess your organization’s food safety management system according to ISO 22000:2018. ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland helps your organization:

  • Verify your organization’s commitment to food safety 
  • and sell your products through the food supply chain with greater ease
  • by demonstrating compliance with food safety standards
  • Reduce food safety hazards

ISO 22000:2018: WHAT IS NEW?

On June 19, 2018, ISO 22000:2018 was updated with significant changes. They include:

  • Integrate ISO standards more easily: aligning with the Higher Level Structure (HLS) convention, a requirement for all new standards or amendments, will allow for more excellent compatibility between different ISO standards. Adding ISO 22000:2018 to an existing ISO-based management system is much more accessible.
  • There has been a complete review of the requirements of the standard, developing additional clarity by redefining concepts such as PRP and oPRP to enable a more superficial understanding and implementation. 
  • Improved alignment with Codex HACCP: to ensure that implementation follows the Codex methodology, the requirements now closely follow the Codex steps, so the development of the HACCP is now embedded within the standard.
  • Streamlined implementation: specific information identified in the standard enables you to produce documents that comply with ISO 22000:2018
  • Clarification of PDCA: ISO 22000:2018 clarifies how to apply the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle to ensure processes are adequately resourced and managed, and improvements are implemented. The revision adopts two interconnected PDCA cycles, the food safety management system and the product development/service delivery PDCA, based on Codex HACCP principles.
  • A new way of thinking about risk: traditionally, the standard only examined the risk posed by the product to the final consumer by applying the Codex HACCP principles. Codex HACCP still applies in the new revision, but an organizational risk assessment will be added.
  • Clause structure simplified: The update follows a step-by-step process and makes implementation more linear.

What are the advantages of ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland?

An ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland (food safety system) provides a business with policies and procedures for evaluating and analyzing food safety risks and hazards. In the food industry, ISO 22000 Certification in Ireland is the leading certification because it is internationally recognized and has a continual improvement model based on the Annex SL framework.  

The benefits of ISO 22000 certification may vary depending on the area of the food industry you operate in. Here are a few general benefits of ISO 22000:

  • Provides a comprehensive, systematic, and proactive approach to identifying food safety hazards and implementing effective control measures
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles are easier to follow with ISO 22000
  • food safety standards across continents
  • As part of ISO 22000, all techniques, methods, and procedures will be documented in a thoroughly systematic manner.
  • to enhance traceability, efficiency, and resourcefulness
  • Providing access to large-scale food chains around the world, helping you to enter new international markets
  • with a secure supply chain to meet the growing demand for food

How can we help you achieve ISO 45001 Certification in Ireland?

FACTOCERT is one of Ireland’s most trusted ISO Certification Consultancy companies, with offices in Galway, Cork (city), and Dublin. Our company offers ISO Certification, CE Mark, Halal Certification, auditing, documentation, and training at a reasonable price. HACCP certificates are also available.

For more: contact@factocert.com

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