What is ISO 22000 Certification in Angola and the difference between ISO 22000 and HACCP Certification?
ISO 22000 Certification in Angola

What is ISO 22000 Certification in Angola and the difference between ISO 22000 and HACCP Certification?

ISO 22000 certification in Angola is the most recent update of the International Food Safety standard, designed to harmonize the means globally for managing food safety for food-related businesses that are part of this chain.

ISO 22000 combines and strengthens the essential features in ISO 9001 and HACCP to provide a practical method for developing small-scale, efficient, and compelling the ongoing enhancement of an existing Food Safety Management System (FSMS) regarding the general risks.

Why is this the main reason to get ISO 22000 certification in Angola?

To ensure that food is safe for consumption, Organizations across the food chain ISO 22000 certification in Angola is a great way to set up reliable Food safety and management systems (FSMS). ISO 22000 is currently transitioning to the most recent version, ISO 22000:2018.

The method of food production and processed, transported, and consumption has changed dramatically since the first standard was issued about ten years lengthy time. The new standard reflects these changes and aims to help organizations reduce the risk of food contamination.

In addition to making ISO 22000 Certification in Angola and the resulting FSMS easily integrated with other ISO Management Systems, this new edition of ISO 22000 also includes an additional feature known as the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle that is an example of risk-based thought. With the use of PDCA with risk-based analytics to manage business risks and HACCP to identify food safety hazards, the ISO 22000 certification in Angola will help companies reduce risk and enhance security.

What’s the main difference between HACCP and ISO 22000?

Two systems, ISO 22000 and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans, are similar in many ways. They are focused on making foods safe to consume. The distinction lies in the method they achieve this.

HACCP is designed to reduce risks at specific points of food manufacturing. Through eliminating the threat and increasing the safety of food products that you produce.

ISO 22000 is more generalized than HACCP and is focused on food safety rather than identifying critical factors throughout the supply chain. ISO 22000 does use HACCP principles as its guidelines; however, it extends further than these rules. ISO 22000 also covers areas not explicitly covered in HACCP, such as the guidelines for handling allergens.

What are the benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Angola?

  • The following ISO 22000 ISO 22000 standard can allow you to introduce internationally accepted processes to your business.
  • ISO 22000 certification will help you in providing your suppliers and all other stakeholders confidence in the safety measures you’ve put in place and will help you implement these measures across your entire chain
  • Transparency in accountability and the responsibility
  • Continue to enhance and upgrade your system to ensure that it is effective.
  • ISO 22000 contains the food safety management system requirements for the FSSC 22000 (which is an official part of the Global Food Safety Initiative, acknowledged by GFSI). It is used alongside other provisions to prepare programs that meet the needs of industry sectors.
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Five easy steps to achieve an ISO22000 Certificate in Angola:
  • Gap Analysis
  • Awareness Training
  • Document Support
  • Internal Audit & MRM
  • Final Audit

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