What is ISO 17025 Certification in Botswana and its advantages?

What is ISO 17025 Certification in Botswana and its advantages? ?

ISO 17025 certification in Botswana is a quality management system that is the primary standard for calibration and testing labs. ISO 17025 shares many commonalities with ISO 9000 but ISO 17025 certification in Botswana assesses the technical proficiency of laboratory testing and calibration services and applies to businesses who produce calibration and testing results.

More information about ISO 17025 Certification in Botswana.

To be able to achieve ISO 17025 Certification in Botswana, the lab’s quality management system, as well as technical proficiency, are thoroughly assessed by a third party. Audits are carried out regularly to ensure that the laboratory is accredited. ISO 17025 Certification can only be granted by an approved accreditation body. ISO 17025 and is considered to be technically competent to create tests and calibration results.

Accreditation signifies an accredited laboratory that fulfilled the requirements of Management Requirements as well as Technical requirements from ISO 17025 and is judged to be technically competent to create the calibration and test results.

ISO 17025 Certification process in Botswana

  • Gap analysis.
  • Awareness training.
  • Document support.
  • Internal audit and MRM
  • Final audit.

Why is it necessary to calibrate your equipment at an ISO 17025 Certification lab in Botswana?

Certification to ISO 17025 proves that the lab has a satisfactory QMS in use and has the capacity and capability to provide test and calibration results. Accredited laboratories conduct tests in accordance with an internationally accepted standard (ISO 17025) and the results are acceptable across different governmental and regulatory agencies.

 The agreement with accreditation organizations is members who are accredited have test results that meet the same quality standards whatever accreditation institution they choose to use. This means that calibration results will be acknowledged as if they’d done the calibration themselves.

Advantages of ISO 17025 Certification in Botswana

  • It enhances the reliability of the reports of evaluation and the results that are produced by the lab.
  • It is an efficient and effective management platform for all procedures and ensures sufficient documentation
  • A productive workforce management system can be ensured by preserving valuable time and money, and this can be achieved by meeting the requirements for ISO 17025 certification cost in Botswana
  • The lapse that is able to be kept in good condition is a guarantee of the accuracy and reliability test and calibration of the equipment.
  • There may be an awareness and trust in the quality in the evaluation and calibration of reports and findings
  • By providing accurate results the labs will be able to gain an advantage in the market and help reduce demand from customers.
  • It assists labs in establishing policies, procedures, and goals that are an objective for the business. It creates an active challenge to quality standards and company culture
  • Utilizing the most up-to-date research, documentation, and calibration methods need to be assessed and reliable as well as ISO 17025 certification in the reliability of labs is possible.
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