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What is BIFMA Certification in Tanzania

What is BIFMA Certification in Tanzania ?

What is BIFMA Certification in Tanzania ?

BIFMA Certification in Tanzania for your company can extend the shelf life of your furniture and allow you to keep your office furniture year after year with no signs of wear and tear.

BIFMA Certification in Tanzania  is a voluntary standard for managing and growing the furniture market. Typically, it is tasked with directing, developing, advocating, advising and modelling the office and institutional furniture sector. Offices function because office furniture is dependable and long-lasting.

Safety, sustainability and social responsibility, tenacity and strength, recyclable material, chemical content and emissions, dependability, overall quality, flammability and electrical components are a few of the numerous topics covered by BIFMA Certification. Waste, water management, material, energy efficiency and ecologically friendly design.

BIFMA Certification in Tanzania is now recognized as a furniture quality and safety standard that provides a productive platform for achieving higher sustainability attributes. Manufacturers awarded the level certification mark confirm that the BIFMA Certification in Tanzania plans apply to their rules and procedures for offering the furniture industry. The strict BIFMA standard requirements are being met through a voluntary standardization of environmentally friendly furniture and parts.

Companies can select the BIFMA standard level that they want. A company can also raise the level of conformity of its product by making consistent improvements. BIFMA Certification in Tanzania establishes a unique furniture mark on a particular scale.

Benefits of BIFMA Certification in Tanzania :

  • A sturdy, thoroughly examined piece of furniture.
  • Ensures that the product will be reliable and durable for a long time.
  • Encourage a healthy workplace to boost productivity and reduces workplace accidents.
  • A five-year guarantee is provided for any continuous improvements made by your company.
  • Requires ongoing observation.
  • Low cost with top-notch services.
  • Internationally recognized BIFMA Certification in Tanzania requirements.
  • Furniture from tested industries must adhere to minimum standards to receive BIFMA Certification in Tanzania.

Reasons for evaluating products following the BIFMA Certification in Tanzania:

  • Make that the Standard is successfully adhered to.
  • Evaluating the products through testing
  • Make sure materials are used effectively.
  • Energy use and environmental considerations
  • Use of appropriate chemical components in furniture. 
  • Ensure proper operation and upkeep of facilities.
  • Create documentation for Product Conformance.
  • Perform an internal audit.

BIFMA’s Certification in Tanzania purview: 

  1. The requirements place a variety of performance levels on organizations.
  2. It applies to all business kinds regardless of their size, form, turnover, etc. Such as tables, desking arrangement.
  3. There are no restrictions on the following: system furniture, movable walls, seating and accessories.
  4. It also applies to manufactured raw materials used in the production of furniture.

Where can I get a BIFMA consultant in Tanzania ?

If you’re having trouble putting this BIFMA Certification management system into practice or are unsure of how to obtain BIFMA Certification in Tanzania, get in touch with us at contact@factocert.com or through www.Factocert.com so that our consulting experts can provide you with an effective project plan.

Why does BIFMA Certification in Tanzania prefer Factocert ?

One of the most renowned and well-respected international businesses offering certification, consultancy and audit services is Factocert.

Factocert has received accreditation from numerous reputable BIFMA certification bodies in Tanzania. The reaction to Factocert’s services has been highly positive and many firms have experienced growth and ongoing improvement. It offers an ethical business approach with a track record of 100% success and no failed certification processes.

The expertise and experience consultants have in various fields and businesses are substantial. Due to the high caliber of services offered, businesses select Factocert to handle complicated issues. BIFMA auditing in Tanzania is made simple using Factocert. The application of any standard or its certification via.


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