What is an Environmental management system according to ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam?
ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam

What is an Environmental management system according to ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam?

ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam is considered the highest standard for companies to demonstrate an interest in environmental management. It was developed in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization experts. ISO 14001 Certification lays out the foundations for a successful Environmental Management System (EMS). More than a quarter of a million companies worldwide have an ISO 14001 certification. Some of the most eco-friendly companies claim the ISO certification as a part of their sustainability achievements and decide to work exclusively through other ISO 14001 certified companies.

ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam provides a clear management structure to help you reduce the environmental impact of your business, ensure that you comply with legal requirements, and build trust among stakeholders. This standard will provide your business with a structured procedure for developing, implementing, or managing an environmental management program.

What are the Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification in Vietnam?

The world is expanding rapidly, and various cultures, people, and companies are becoming more connected. Global connectivity has also raised public – and in turn government – knowledge about sustainability in addition to environmental guidelines. ISO 14001 certification in Vietnam is designed to help organizations implement the EMS (Environmental Management System) to detect and manage, monitor, and address environmental issues that could arise. Compliance with ISO guidelines for managing the environment demonstrates that the business has considered the environment in line with its objectives that improve its global reputation, choice as a vendor, and overall efficiency in the use of materials (which is directly translated into costs savings).

The benefits for the public of ISO certification may seem unreal. Still, they can be a significant influence on those who are affected, other businesses or the market, as well as the government. Therefore, it is essential to do everything to ensure that the ISO certification audit is successful because there could be several benefits to be gained, including the environment, risk reduction, and business growth.

Businesses that seek ISO certification have their own goals to achieve compliance. These goals are realistic in terms of viability and conform to industry standards. ISO is quite flexible, but this does not mean there are no established guidelines or clear rules. This is where the use of an Environmental Management System or Environmental Management Software can come to the rescue and aid your business in a significant way.

Methodology and Principles of Environmental Management System:

PDCA cycle will guarantee the development of an environmentally-friendly management system that is implemented systematically.

PDCA is a strategy that aids the company in better controlling and monitoring equipment to create an environmental policy and monitor and review it often.

In this document, the organization’s top management must understand the organization’s situation and make use of the information in the study and develop legal requirements based on current methods and environmental possibilities. Alongside the legal requirements and other regulations, the goals and goals should be established in the process of planning. In consideration of all environmental factors that affect the company. Management recognizes the importance of eliminating any threat to the environment posed by or through natural resources.

Everyone within the company must be aware of the environmental impact. A timeframe must be established to meet the goals and objectives within the specified time. The development of a policy for environmental protection has to be implemented by establishing the framework that will guide future actions.

The main advantages for ISO 14001 certification in Vietnam

  • Discover cost savings, particularly in the fields of resource, waste, and energy, as well as management of resources
  • Improve efficiency across the lifecycle of your product to reduce any environmental impacts
  • Improve your corporate credibility – helping to win new customers
  • Measure, monitor, and manage your environmental impact that is a component of your business activities
  • Verify that you are complying by law on the environment to avoid prosecution and fines
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