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ISO 14001 Certification in Qatar

What Does ISO 14001 Certification in Qatar include?

What is ISO 14001 Certification in Qatar?


ISO 14001 Certification in  Qatar Requirements with Guidance for Use is an international standard on environmental management established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in March 1996 and updated in Nov. 2015.


Scope of ISO 14001  Certification in Qatar?


The scope of ISO 14001 covers all types of organizations and all types of activities, including:

  • – Establishments in the private and public sectors; 
  • – Commercial organizations; 
  • – Manufacturing and service companies; 
  • – Educational establishments; 
  • – Research institutes; 
  • – Governmental bodies. 


What does ISO 14001  Certification in Qatar include? 


For example, requirements for:

  • – Planning and implementing an environmental management system; 
  • – Conducting a site assessment to determine potential impacts on the environment; 
  • – Defining objectives and targets to prevent pollution and reduce energy consumption; 
  • – Establishing operational controls to meet environmental performance standards; 
  • – Documenting processes, verifying conformance to requirements, and maintaining records; 
  • – Communicating environmental policy, objectives, and targets throughout the organization; 
  • – Subscribing to a suitable environmental labeling or certification scheme. 


Why do I need ISO 14001  Certification in Qatar


Establishing an environmental management system is becoming increasingly important for companies wanting to: 

  • – Improve their competitive position; 
  • – Mitigate risks related to the environment; 
  • – Seek opportunities in growing environmental markets; 
  • – Comply with environmental regulations.

By using ISO 14001, organizations can prove that they are continuously improving their environmental performance – offering increased efficiency and reduced costs for the business.


ISO 14001 Certification in Qatar allows your company to: 


  • – Meet legal and other requirements related to environmental management; 
  • – Conduct a site assessment to determine potential impacts on the environment; 
  • – Take appropriate action to control any negative impacts you may have on the environment while realizing cost savings through waste reduction initiatives; 
  • – Comply with the requirements of environmental management tools such as ISO 50001 (energy management), EMAS, and ecolabels; 

– Increase competitiveness by reducing operating costs, increasing performance, and improving your organization’s image.

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