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What are the steps to get ISO Certification in Iraq


The ISO Certification in Iraq

In the current years, ISO certification in Iraq has been increasingly popular due to the emergence of new sectors in nearly every market. Recognition of revenue margins is driving financial investment worldwide, resulting in intense competition in every market. We will discuss several requirements in this section in light of the competitive market edge that International Certification provides. Two typical problems in every market are only addressed via these conventional requirements: organizational safety and return on investment.

Is ISO Certification Needed in Iraq

Due to the current turmoil resulting from terrorism, the country is in a state of mayhem. Consequently, ISO Certification in Iraq has been revitalized by international neighborhoods. Currently, ISO Certified in Iraq will play a significant role in its management systems, attracting foreign investors, and assisting the economy. It would undoubtedly benefit businesses in Iraq to achieve ISO 9001 Certification to ensure top quality is understood and implemented throughout the organization. In Iraq, ISO 27001 certification opens the door to a new market full of opportunities to create jobs and protect the identity of individuals. Having ISO 22000 Certification in Iraq would enormously benefit the processing and manufacturing industries (food) and boost the product’s international reach. Due to its specific health and wellness resolution, ISO 45001 certification would greatly assist the Iraq service sector. Our ISO training centers provide all types of ISO certification training and documentation and application for all ISO certifications in Iraq.

Steps to get ISO Certification in Iraq

The steps to get ISO Certification in Iraq are,

Gap Analysis:

 The primary difference between a void evaluation and an audit is that your organization will undoubtedly contrast your service to the standard during a gap analysis. The purpose of a business audit is to determine whether the necessary plans and procedures are in place within the business about the criteria.


It will be necessary to create firm documents for documentation of products like procedures, job guidelines, quality objectives, and process flow diagrams, among others. While not required to comply with a standard quality manual is an excellent way to present all of the information relevant to the High-Quality Administration System to an outside auditor. The development of standard forms is essential in addition to a paper register.


In addition to implementing the High-Quality Monitoring System, the next step is to make it available throughout the organization. It may be necessary for employees to introduce new job processes or to examine quality as part of their routine, and they have to be made aware of the advantages of these changes. Embrace employee suggestions for improving the application of procedure/processes. You need a Quality Management System which is as helpful and appropriate to your company as possible to improve effectively.

Internal & Space Audit:

According to ISO Certification in Iraq, a firm’s internal personnel must be trained to conduct interior audits. An audit of the firm’s operations across all departments will highlight any areas for concern or noncompliance. Alternatively, if an internal auditor has been hired, this is an excellent time to do a space audit to search for locations not by the new requirements.


Look for your ISO certification in Iraq by selecting your Registrar (on the left). Regardless of your business’s size and type, audits are conducted at any time. If the auditor can confirm your company has created its own documented procedures and treatments in conjunction with the ISO Certification in Iraq, it will be granted. In the event of inaccuracy, the auditor will undoubtedly withhold certification till these things have been liquidated. Certification stands for three years.

Why Choose Factocert for ISO Certification in Iraq

The Factocert company is an expert in consulting services in Iraq, particularly in Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Erbil, Najaf, and Karbala. By using the latest market techniques, Factocert’s consulting professionals meet the consumer’s needs. We use ISO requirements, CE Mark requirements, HACCP requirements, CMMI requirements, audit requirements, and other global standards. 

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