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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia

Food safety has become a huge concern lately, especially for international travellers and the food they eat while abroad. With ISO 22000 certification in Zambia, restaurant owners, caterers, wholesalers, and anyone else who handles food can prove that they are keeping their products safe and in good condition at all times. This article will go over what the ISO 22000 standard entails and how businesses can take advantage of it.

Introduction to ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia

If you’re considering or planning to implement global food safety standards in your business, you’ve come to the right place. The introduction to the ISO Food Safety course is designed to understand what international standards are and why they exist.

It discusses how they’re created, their main uses and benefits, and their relevance and importance across various sectors. You’ll also get an introduction to popular schemes such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), BRC-HACCP, IFS Food (International Food Standard) Standards, SQF-SSC (Safe Quality Foods), etc.

Advantages of ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia

Organizational self-improvement is something that every business should aspire to because it’s important and easier said than done. While there are many ways a company can become more profitable and efficient, there is one thing that all businesses share: a desire to improve their safety management system.

And that’s where ISO 22000 certification in Zambia comes into play because it will help you make your business even safer by providing a framework for continual improvement. Here are some reasons you should consider implementing an international quality standard like ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia.

Food and safety management provides the following benefits:

  • Regulators will find it useful.
  • It will reduce trade barriers.
  • Does it help businesses comply with food safety and legal requirements?

Disadvantages of ISO 22000 Certification in Zambia

The cost and time involved in setting up the infrastructure are considerable. A study by Frost & Sullivan found that most organizations experienced an increase in expenses of around 10% after undergoing certification. Therefore, an organization needs adequate financial resources to set up its internal audit department, complete with staff and training.

Because its process for ensuring product quality involves a review by a third party, it also means regularly paying for quality audits from external auditors. As a result, many companies have decided not to pursue ISO 22000 certification in Zambia simply because they can’t afford it. For small companies lacking financial resources and large

multinationals with sophisticated internal quality assurance systems and capable IT support, such expenses represent either too great or too little value relative to what they get from being certified.

  • Adaptation is difficult
  • Due to a lack of reliable data
  • Resulting from consumer ignorance

Listing some popular brands that have obtained ISO22000 certification in Zambia

Union, Connexions & Bata. Union have also gone on to obtain ISO9001:2008, which is another international quality management standard. At the same time, Connexions and Bata could not achieve 9001 certifications because they did not meet minimum requirements. Other popular brands that have obtained 9001 certifications include so many standards like ISO 14401, ISO27001, ISO13485, ISO17025 etc

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