What are ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya and ISO 22000:FSMS benefits?
iso 22000 certification in kenya

What are ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya and ISO 22000:FSMS benefits?

ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya specifies the requirements of the food safety management program by setting up pre-requirements programs and a HACCP methodology. It addresses the detection, analysis, and control of chemical, physical, radiological, and biological hazards to ensure that food items are safe for consumption by humans.

This standard applies to all organizations whose operations–regardless of their size–have to do with the food industry and are part of the food chain.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems

In 2005, ISO 22000 describes an ISO style management system that is compatible with the traditional ISO-based system of management (ISO ISO 9001, ISO 14001; OHSAS 18000) and is based on the essential areas of Management Responsibilities and Resources Management, Planned Development, Realization of Safe Products as well as Validation, Verification and Improve. The critical aspects of these crucial areas are listed below:

Management Responsibility

  • Engagement through clearly defined policies and quantifiable goals
  • Communication to all parties interested all along with all levels of the food chain

Resource Management

  • Specific resource requirements to implement a food safety management system installation and maintenance
  • Evaluation of staff competence needs and requirements for training

Planning and Realization of Safe Products

  • More excellent range of risk assessment Outsourcing and suppliers
  • The open scientific method of risk assessment based on facts to Hazard analysis
  • A three-tiered system includes Prerequisites, Operational prerequisites, and CCPs, leading to an appreciation of the capacity of the techniques of an organization to manage specific food safety hazards on time.

Verification and Improvement

  • Monitoring, collection, and analysis of data to ensure that the initial and ongoing food safety management system efficiency
  • Continuous improvement of the system for managing food safety’s effectiveness

The framework needs that an organization take a scientifically informed, fact-based decision regarding food safety risks and implement efficient, appropriate methods for controlling.

A key element to this process is the ability of staff members to gain confidence and ownership in an established food safety management program specific to the supplier of the company’s raw materials, base techniques, and products. The combination of team member empowerment and a risk assessment based on facts approach, along with the dedication of the management and resource team, is a worldwide accepted, impartial system that allows organizations to control food safety efficiently.

The benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Kenya

  • Inform the customers about the Food’s quality and ensure that the food is prepared according to their specifications.
  • The evidence proves that your company is committed to food safety. The ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya (Food safety management system) is thoroughly developed, monitored, and analyzed (internally and externally) and gives feedback to decision-makers.
  • ISO 22000 Certification in Kenya includes and goes over the current HACCP programs. It provides management system elements essential for the completion of programs to ensure food safety.
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