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Top 5 elements of ISO 22000 Certification and benefits of ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia

ISO 22000 Saudi Arabia

The ISO 22000 is developed by the International Organization for Standardization for food safety management. With many foods manufacturing companies across the Saudi Arabian cities like Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, ISO 22000 plays a vital role to ensure that the food supply meets the quality standards. The end consumers will be the most concerned with this topic equally. The ISO 22000 Standard is based on the ISO 9001 Standard principles which follow the fundamentals of the HACCP which stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

The elements involved in food safety management in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  • HACCP Principles

The HACCP principles are merged with ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia to determine the strategies to set up an action plan that involves pre-requisite programs.

  • Pre-requisite Programs:

Pre-requisite programs must be carried out by the top management team to develop the complete policy.

  • System Management:

It is structured management based on important parts of the ISO 9001. It is also possible to integrate them into one along with the ISO 14001 Standard.

  • Interactive Communication:

Effective communication is the key element to avoid any kind of hazards or risks. The communication can be internal and external with the traders, suppliers and even the end consumers.

  • Risk analysis:

It is very important to identify the hazards and decide upon who could be harmed and how. Based on this decision the risks should be evaluated and work on controlling measures. One should also make sure to record the same and implement them in future. It is also essential to assess regularly and also update if required.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification for the general population of Saudi Arabia:

  • Depletion in the rates of foodborne diseases.
  • Ensure a safer supply of food.
  • The quality of jobs in the food industries will increase.
  • Increase in economic growth.
  • Higher company profits.

Benefits of getting ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia:

  • International Recognition:

With ISO 22000 Certification, many of the food industries in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam could get international recognition.

  • Audit and inspection:

The companies could be ready for regulatory authorities and inspection process with documentation and records.

  • Business liability insurance:

Business liability insurance protects the assets of the companies and pays for any legal obligations like medical bills of the employees.

  • Has Auditable Standards:

Can meet the global standards when quality related auditing is carried out for the industries.

  • Amplify the regulatory compliance:

Can improve regulatory compliance by updating the policies annually and monitoring security status.

  • Can gain all the benefits of HACCP:

With the ISO 22000 Certification, the industries can demonstrate effective ways to manage food safety risks. This could build a level of trust with the stakeholders and suppliers, therefore provide cost-effective businesses across the globe.

 Food industries in Saudi Arabia should be observant of the benefits of ISO 22000. It provides companies with superior food safety and security, avoids profits from sinking and can be compounded with other management system standards, such as ISO 9001, for maximum effects on the quality.

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